27 People On The One Thing Everyone Is Ashamed Of, But Shouldn’t Be

Compiled from this AskReddit thread.

1. Everyone does it.

I used to work checkout in a supermarket. People get embarrassed buying toilet paper and I don’t know why. Everybody poops, so why be embarrassed buying something to clean your arse with?

2. Why would you be ashamed?

[Asking for help when needed] And when people finally do ask it always starts off as “I’m sorry but…” I do this too. Our society has pretty much told us that if we can’t handle something on our own we should be ashamed. I’m 19 years old and in college. The first time I’ve ever been directly told that asking for help is okay was just over a month ago.

3. On the elliptical…

I started going to my college rec center regularly, and being the fat man that I am, I always feel ashamed when there. But then a kind stranger told me, “Hey man, at least you’re here. You’re doing better than the people who aren’t.” This kept encouraging me to go back, and I do. I’m starting to see improvement, too. The same stranger saw me a couple of weeks later, and said, “Glad to see you keeping it up, man!” It was nice to hear. So don’t feel ashamed! Get out there and work! Thank you for mentioning this!

4. Always wrap it up.

Buying condoms, seriously, you’re protecting yourself and your partner along with the fact that you’re getting laid.

5. Sometimes you just need to talk to someone.

Needing to talk to a therapist. Lost of my friends who could really use one won’t because they think people will think they are some insane wakko.

6. Embrace it!

Being single, or just alone. So many people around my age are really ashamed of not having a SO. People make you think that you need to be with someone at all times, and that if you enjoy spending time by yourself that you’re a “fucking weirdo”. That’s definitely not true, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it.

7. Sadness is a natural experience.

Mourning. Being sad when dealing with a loss.

My grandfather died after he and my grandmother had been married for 53 years. She apologizes when she cries, she thinks it’s somehow improper.

The dog that my mum had for 18 years was put to sleep last weekend. When my mum told me, she started to cry, but then apologized and told me she shouldn’t cry.


8. It just carries a different weight…

Being depressed or struggling with mental health issues.

If I need to step out of work to go to the dentist, eye doctor, physician, car mechanic, or home to greet the plumber, my coworkers would think “either something needs fixing or he’s getting a check up.” Then they’d stop caring, if they did at all.

But if I left to see a therapist, the same would be true – I’m not doing well and I need help, and maybe a check up – but because it’s my feelings and psychology and not my car’s transmission, it’d be more uncomfortable. And I’d feel ashamed for some people to know. (Others can see I’m terrible at hiding my current mental health, so they’d be happy I was going.)

Saying that you’re depressed just carries different weight than saying your arm is broken. And by hiding it, we make it harder and harder for others to seek help. Whereas it wouldn’t occur to someone with faulty brake pads or waning eyesight to just ignore it.

9. Sometimes it just happens.

Male pattern baldness.

10. Own your toilet time!

Dropping a deuce. Everybody poops. You aren’t entirely responsible for needing to drop a demon in the bowl.

11. Even worse!

Especially that “girls don’t poop, yuk!” dude is embarrassing.

12. We all love to do it now and then.

Enjoying doing nothing. Sometimes doing nothing is awesome.

13. On Accutane.

Acne. Acne is so thoroughly shamed in our society that it’s awkward even to speak about it in casual conversation. Honestly, people are more comfortable joking about jerking off than popping zits.

Those of us that have it bad (I’m currently on Accutane) know what this feels like on an intensified level. We know how frustrating it is to carry that shame on our faces, on our backs, in our hearts.

14. Period.

For women: menses. No need to divulge every detail, but it’s disturbing that many women cannot even say ‘vagina’ without calling it ladybits or vajay. It’s a period, people, it’s not shameful, let alone interesting

15. Something you avoid.

As a 19-year-old virgin, I tend to avoid conversations about sex altogether because people ask and I don’t like having to admit my lack of experience (lying would be worse, though). It’s like admiting that there’s a whole field of knowledge/wisdom that I have no access to, and I feel like people are condescending about it once they know – I’m the cute, innocent one all of a sudden, which doesn’t fit with my jaded/cynical personality at all.

16. RSVP.

Turning down an invitation.

17. Genetic lottery.

The way you look. The things that aren’t in your control. Genetics are unfair as fuck. COUNTERPOINT: Beauty is genetic, but looking not gross is in your control, at least for most of the people.

18. Preach!

Being a women and NOT wanting children! Im tired of hearing “stop being selfish, give your mom a grandchild!” If you want me to have a child so bad, you can pay for the bills that come along with it and the mental/emotional strain.

19. Taking up the stall.

Pooping in public restrooms. I’m 27 years old and I can count the number of times I remember pooping in public restrooms on one hand. That includes work and when I was in college. I’ve pooped in less than 8 toilets my whole life.

20. Yep.

The size, shape and other characteristics of their genitalia.

21. Night owls unite.

Not being a morning person. I hate it when crack-of -dawn people who go to bed by 10 every night try to make me feel like I’m a lazy person because I sleep till the god awful hour of 8:30 am. I work from 10-7. I go to bed at 12 or 1. I’m woken up at 6 am most mornings by my 1 year old and if I’m lucky she goes back to sleep. Why does getting up early make you a more virtuous person?

22. Nothing wrong with a little hair.

I think having body hair is nothing to be ashamed of. Yeah, I shave/wax for various reasons, but I find it horrible that women are made to feel like monsters for having a 5 o’clock shadow under their arms.

23. Noo-di-tee

Being naked. I can’t think of a single good reason why anyone should be ashamed of being seen naked.

Edit : Also, we’re ashamed of seeing other people naked. It doesn’t make sense to me. We have no surprising parts under our clothing. It’s like saying, “Oh, I’m sorry I walked in without knocking and saw all of your human-ness.”

24. Chez Mom and Dad

Living at home in your 20’s. People always tell me it’s okay that I do this, but I’m kinda ashamed of myself for never living on my own.

25. $$

Being poor.

America needs some folk stories about the noble poor or wise beggars. We have none, at least no widespread ones.

26. Choking the chicken!

Masturbation. It has a lot of positive effects

27. Be a Hermione.

Being smart. I can’t stand it when girls dumb themselves down to get attention.

Even scarier when it works. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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