21 Everyday Signs You’re Bad At Being A 20-Something

1. When someone on Facebook announces their engagement/pregnancy, you have to actively resist making a sarcastic comment, because you remember when this person was doing body shots all of eight months ago.

2. The term “dream job,” particularly when used in phrases like “Just landed my dream job!” makes your eyes roll into the back of your head.

3. You are still very much in the “I can buy Gushers and/or Lunchables at any time of day” phase of your grocery shopping life.

4. Your main kitchen activity is “attempting to make something you saw on Tumblr or Pinterest and nearly burning down your kitchen.”

5. When you call your parents, they still not-so-discreetly expect that it’s going to be bad news of some kind. (No way, mom and dad, I just want money!)

6. You try not to think of your age in terms of “years away from 30,” because it gives you mild anxiety attacks.

7. Even though most of your life has been spent waking up early for school/work, you still have a hard time getting out of bed without hitting snooze at least five times.

8. You still wonder why you’re so tired all the time, even though you spend more nights than not browsing the internet/watching Netflix until 2:30 in the morning.

9. You are in a tormented, love/hate relationship with naps.

10. Even though your hangovers are definitely getting worse with every passing year, you still haven’t mastered the art of “learning to drink a little water before you go to bed, and not doing tequila shots 10 minutes before leaving the bar.”

11. Happy hours are your best friend, and worst enemy (particularly when they come with bottomless tater tots and/or dollar slices of pizza).

12. Your general response to relatives asking when you’re going to get married and have kids is maniacal, Disney villain-esque laughter.

13. Most of your bitterness about friends’ weddings comes not from the fact that they are getting 500 Facebook likes for being in a relationship, but from the fact that it’s going to cost you a thousand dollars to join them in their happiness.

14. You tried to use Mint or some other budget helper once, and that lasted for about a week until it became too depressing.

15. When you think of what your parents were doing at your age, you kind of start freaking out, especially if they already had you at their age.

16. Purchasing things that cost more than 1,000 dollars just seems like it’s not going to be in the cards for a long, long time.

17. You are stuck between purchasing wrinkle cream and acne cream at all times.

18. When it comes to getting a good amount of sleep, you tend to talk yourself out of going to bed at a reasonable time in 30-minute increments.

19. At least 20 percent of your sick days are “laying in bed and watching movies because I just can’t” days.

20. Your Spotify account is convinced that you are a 12-year-old girl living in the early 2000s.

21. Every day, it seems like your friends are moving more and more towards adulthood, and you are still trying to figure out how to save up for summer vacation while not cutting back on your tacky Forever 21 dress budget. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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