25 Little Things That Make Women Irrationally Mad

1. Other women not getting sweaty at the gym, or wearing makeup to the gym that does not come off.

2. Being asked if they’re okay.

3. Using a bathroom at someone’s house where they have not provided a little trash can to throw away their products in. What are you supposed to do, besides roll it up in toilet paper and put it in your purse?? Some of this stuff doesn’t flush!!!

4. Showing someone a movie or video that is really important to them, and having that person look away for even a second, even if it’s to sneeze.

5. Hearing other women talk about their diets (especially while everyone is eating).

6. Seeing a woman with eyebrows that are way, way too good.

7. Chipped nails, on themselves or on others.

8. Hearing someone insult an actress they really love, because on some level they likely feel that this actress is an extension and representation of them.

9. Finding something absolutely perfect on sale, realizing it is not in their size, and then trying it on anyway and getting trapped in it as they try to pull it back over their heads.

10. Someone cutting in line.

11. Running into a girl they haven’t seen in a while and hearing her talk about her incredible relationship, right off the bat.

12. Being asked if they lost weight, unless they very intentionally just lost weight and were really proud of it. Otherwise, they will just spend the rest of the day agonizing over how they must have looked before.

13. Seeing a pregnant woman who is carrying it all perfectly and just looks like her perfectly normal, fit self with a little beach ball belly.

14. When they are waiting for a text from their crush, and they get a text from literally anyone else. (It could be an announcement that they just won the state lottery and they’d still nearly break their phone while slamming it down.)

15. Elaborately doing their hair before checking the weather forecast, and walking out to find that it’s humid and/or raining.

16. An otherwise-hot guy who has the perfect online dating profile, except for his typos and grammatical errors.

17. Being asked if they are PMSing, particularly when they actually are PMSing and it’s like “ABSOLUTELY NOT,” while they bite through a slab of concrete and yell at a barista.

18. Wearing shoes that are just slightly too big for them — even though they completely knew that when they bought them — and having them slip off the back of their feet on every third step.

19. Another woman being obsessed with the same male celebrity, and possibly liking him even more than they do.

20. Another woman owning (or, god forbid, wearing) the same thing as them. This goes double when they don’t think the woman in question has very good style, and therefore this kind of implies that they don’t have good style.

21. Doing DIY beauty procedures that they know are not going to work out — and then don’t work out — such as ombre bleaching their hair, cutting their own bangs, or using self-tanner.

22. Seeing a female acquaintance get engaged in a really romantic way on Facebook. Even if they don’t know her that well, it’s just not pleasant to have to hear about someone’s trip to Florence to commit to the love of her life.

23. Losing weight and losing boob volume along with it.

24. Going to the bathroom at the bar and having there be a really long line for it, especially when they know that at least half of the women don’t actually have to go.

25. Taylor Swift as an entity. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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