23 Locals On The Most Embarrassing Thing About Their Home Country

Taken from the international commenters of AskReddit.

1. Macrats

Politicians. Italy…

2. What_Do_We_HaveHere

South Africa, we have incredibly high crime and unemployment rates. There are currently probably less than 20 non corrupt politicians, an ineffective, corrupt, police force that are frequently convinced of excessive violence. The fact that a woman in this country is more lightly to have been raped than know how to read.

3. awkwardelefant

South Africa is pretty sketch and it’s sad because it has SUCH potential to be an amazing place. I loved being there but hearing about the politicians about drove me mad. I was also helping Salvation Army and going to townships where you could see huge mansions right across the valley was a little gut-wrenching.

4. sentenseifrel

Corruption… from the highest leader in the government… to the lowest corruptible position ever. I love the Philippines but wtf is wrong with the leaders here?

5. mach-2

Same thing in many African nations. For reference, I’ll use Nigeria. The politicians amass wealth and send their lazy kids to study abroad. The same stupid, spoiled kids sully the country’s name by acting like the entitled and lazy pricks they are. Once they graduate after 6 years of educational vacation, they go back home and are handed political positions based on nepotism.
The current leaders on the other hand are fucking uneducated. English is a 4th language to them, preceded only by a tribal language, corruption and broken/pidgin English. The elections are rigged, ensuring that the incumbent leaders get to play God father to the newly elected.

The religious population is split right down the fucking middle, leading to a lot of sectarian violence spearheaded by uneducated fucktards. For a nation rich in oil, petrol cost twice the amount it is in the west. The celebrities have gobbled up the allure of Hollywood stardom, trying to recreate the vain and vapid personas of the hollywood sphere.

All I can do is hope and be happy that the current leaders will die so we the younger lads can begin to rebuild what these geriatric pricks have broken and left as fodder.

6. pretendroid

Lack of Toilets and Politicians with toilets for brains – INDIA.

7. LovingUranus

Philippines, the majority of people here are obsessed with skin whitening products.

8. strique13

Zimbabwean here. Nothing embarrasses me about my country. Everything is absolutely perfect. The ruling party, who definitely are NOT holding any of my family hostage, couldn’t be doing a better job.

9. sacredserenity

India … just how dirty our country is and the total lack of civic sense shown by most of the population. People litter like it’s their job to.

10. thesleepsessions

Wales here.
The country locals. Notably, the “from the hills” farmer folk.

I live in a small town, we’re civilised people, friendly, in a beautiful part of the world that I wouldn’t change for anything, but the farmer folk… oh my days.

Rude, obnoxious, xenophobic, impolite, cocky, dirty, have false sense of self-entitlement, they look down on everyone, and if you step foot in their inbred little villages without being someone’s brother’s uncle’s sister, god help you. They come to town on a Saturday night unable to handle their alcohol, getting into fights, leering at the women, purposely talking to people in Welsh when they know damn well they don’t speak it, then laughing at them with their stupid farmer friends, mocking accents and the like. They try to break into the takeaways after hours, they smash windows, they litter, puke, then abuse the poor taxi drivers who have to take them home.

I’m all for patriotism – I love being Welsh and I am proud to be born & live here, but these people embarrass the fuck out of me, and a lot of people. The xenophobia is phenomenal – where I used to work (a PC repair shop), we had a woman from the hills come down to enquire about a repair job. When she heard my boss speak in a non-welsh accent, she asked where he was from, he said Kidderminster, and she said, and I quote “Well fuck off back home then”, and left.

My town has one of the most beautiful castles-come-hotel’s in the country, with guests from all over the world, we have a rich arts culture but struggling tourist industry and yet all these “from the hills” type can do is abuse and insult foreigners (and by foreigners I mean as close as England).
Wow, I’ve gotten really mad writing this.

11. thebestdj

Yemen here…

Never mind.

12. Cogli_one

Nigeria here. We have way too many princes around the world..

13. BusinessBoom

Korea- In suburban cities (and few urban), law regarding traffic is neglected. So much so that more than half the people run red lights. In addition, there are very quick tempered people here, like people honking repeatedly on a 2 lane “speedway” when there is clearly very busy traffic and we can’t do anything about it.

14. [deleted]

I’m currently living in Egypt.

Politics, infrastructure, the locals, corruption …. yeah pretty much everything.

15. sixfootfree

Britain. The Daily Mail.

16. SarcasticCynicist

China. Our government and loud tourists. There is a reason why less than 1/5 of us Hongkongers associate ourselves with China.

17. immortalinnobody

The (kind of) hate of Denmark. I live in the Faroe Islands, which are autonomous under Denmark. Denmark has given us a lot of good things. I just don’t see why so many people are so seemingly hateful.

18. Vanscoten

The local news, and American news in general, I hate it, it embarrasses me… it’s just not good.

19. hoxm

Commercials. I’m sure many of you have seen a bunch of weird Japanese commercials.

20. NotANonMexican

I’m Mexican, and we have a terrible government.

Mexico produces a lot of money, but most of it goes to the trash because is pocketed by corrupt politicians. I’m sure that if it was well managed, Mexico would be one of the richest countries.
Of course, it’s a little late for that, because outside of Mexico City, the country is pretty much overrun by organized crime, which the government has failed miserably to control, mostly because they don’t even try.

TL;DR: Mexico would be a great country if it wasn’t for it’s shitty government.

21. pagan_idol

How it has milked the LOTR Trilogy and The Hobbit for all it’s worth to attract tourists. I cringe.

I’m lookin’ at you, Air New Zealand.

22. inkredlibel

Everyone acts like they still have to excuse for WWII. German btw.

23. omimcd

Belfast, Northern Ireland…. I’d say the most embarrassing thing is the sheer stupidity of the sectarianism, failure to move forward and the government constantly focusing on old feuds rather than anything important. the church have too much say in what goes on, no pubs or clubs are allowed an alcohol license past 1 am, abortion is illegal, and it’s still a nightmare trying to do anything on a Sunday. Some People care about a flag far more than they do about other actual serious issues because they are that idiotic.. Stubborn goons stuck in the 70s. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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