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19 Reasons Why Being A Late Bloomer Made You A Better Person

Dear, late bloomer, Whether you sprouted boobs in college, didn’t drop your voice until 16, or lost your virginity in your 20s — you’re better for having done things behind schedule.

1. As a late bloomer, You are fully aware of how cruel your peers can be when they feel like you’re not doing something fast enough, and will therefore never be that mean to someone else, even if you think they’re developing slowly.

2. You had to build anticipation for the things you wanted, especially when there was pressure on you to get them, so you know how to be patient.

3. You know that someone is not defined by the milestones they have and haven’t hit by a certain age. Even if someone is still, say, a virgin, that doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to have a real relationship and care for their partner.

4. Definitions of “the right time” to do just about anything mean nothing to you.

5. Even though some people treat certain rites of passage as exclusive clubs, you’ve never been one to do that. You might not have been a cool girl because you didn’t develop a chest at 15, but that means that you won’t have a “cool girl” mentality about other women who aren’t dressing the “adult” way at 25.

6. You had to live down the fear that built up in you when something took too long, and now you’re not as freaked out when things don’t happen right away.

7. You were the ugly duckling once as a late bloomer, so you tend not to judge books by their cover.

8. You were able to sort out the people who treated you differently because you weren’t “grown up” enough, and decide that they weren’t the kind of people who should be your friend in the long run.

9. Because the world was a different place before and after you bloomed, you have more of an appreciation than most for just being “normal.”

10. You are a ninja-like expert at the art of bra-stuffing and/or making up sex stories that did not happen.

11. You learned early on the value of just pretending to be like everyone else wherever possible, which proves to be a valuable skill in the work environment.

13. As late bloomer, You know that “prude” can be just as hurtful as “slut.”

14. People assumed that you were automatically immature, so you’ve had to hone your “acting mature and being completely competent and capable” skills more than others.

15. No longer having braces and acne is one of the best parts of every day.

16. Now that people treat you differently, you know exactly what people care about when they’re judging you on first impression.

17. You are exceptionally good at drawing bell curves, and placing yourself in one, which is what society is going to do with you anyway.

18. You get an unusual amount of joy just by being able to contribute to an “age bracket-appropriate” conversation with your friends.

19. Deep down, you understand that being a late bloomer doesn’t actually mean anything was weird about you. It just means that things happened differently for you, and it’s the world which has a hard time dealing with people who don’t do everything at the exact right time. To you, the word is not an insult, it’s actually kind of a badge of honor. Thought Catalog Logo Mark