31 People On Their Most Superficial Relationship Dealbreaker

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1. laughmaker_son

I don’t exactly know how to describe it, but girls whose voices sound like they’re constantly asking a question. Certain inflections and tones kind of tick me off. It just sounds odd and unintelligent to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve dated girls much smarter than me, and I know some very intelligent women who sound like this. But to me, it’s just a dealbreaker.

2. BaconTender

Long nails on guys freak me out. My high school prom date had long nails and I was going to ask him if he could cut them for the day of prom. Prom day rolls around and, after forgetting to kindly ask him, it turns out he took it into his own liberty to sharpen them to a point. WTF.

3. noahtalk

I really, really, don’t like belly buttons that are outies.

4. julesleo

Chapped lips. I understand mildly chapped, but it’s too much when there are scabs.

5. pollydowner

Slow walkers. I find it profoundly annoying.

6. HeyitsDuckman

Bad tooth to gum ratio when smiling/laughing. It weirds me out.

7. skh922

This guy had a really skinny bent penis. This was one of the first penises I had ever seen so it was really a terrifying moment for me. It was really bent, think C-curve. I thought it was gonna snare my vagina. This was Captain Hook’s dick in my mind

8. Parictis

I was with a girl who cheated on a boyfriend with me after lying to me by saying they had broken up. I was willing to forgive that giant red flag . . . Then I noticed that her spelling was atrocious in text messages, and I left.

I mean, the phone warns you that you’ve spelled something incorrectly, then it either fixes it for you or offers you suggestions. How much more help do you need?

9. doctorpotterywood

My best friend wanted to set me up with her friend. She told me all about her, and she sounded magnificent. Then she showed me a photo. She was cute. But she had a chin dimple. A really really pronounced chin dimple.

I felt like a shallow asshole, but dammit, I find them quite unattractive.

10. IVIallan

Driver incompetence. I can’t handle a girl who seems clueless behind the wheel. It stresses me out way too much.

11. Thatrandomelle

Guys that have lower back tattoos.

12. sethdark

A girl that eats with her mouth open.. I’m sorry, I just really can’t look or hear that. Instant turnoff.

13. Udonnomi

My friend broke off a 6-month relationship because the girl had bingo wings (loose arm skin).

14. teenit18

Man boobs. I’m sorry, but as a lady, I don’t want to date a guy with bigger boobs than me.

15. alicetimetable

A lady who takes pride in not reading.

Edit: Just to clarify, it’s not because they don’t read that bothers me, but the fact they actually think it makes them better not to indulge, that they are higher than I for it. Also, thanks for the upvotes and replies, I read through them, but haven’t much time to reply to all.

16. enncee

Anyone who believes in horoscopes. I’ve had guys ask me (in all seriousness), “What’s your sign?” No thanks, bye.

17. eiviistsi

Bad grammar and spelling are deal breakers for me.

I know a girl who doesn’t use any punctuation so her sentences are all run on it makes me so mad that I can’t even deal with it she just goes on and on and on about nothing sometimes she even asks a question or changes the subject in the middle of the cheese pizza?


People who are really into theater. The people they tend to surround themselves with are super obnoxious. They also tend to have way too many plans and aren’t so great at just chilling out. So hungry for applause.

19. niam

Her teeth were crooked :(

Though…if I could go back in time, I would disregard the shit out of that because she was cute as shit and had an amazing personality. Fuck me

20. pheebsie

Those who run funny. I dont know how to define funny here, just anything less than normal I guess.

I once dated this popular guy in highschool. All the girls were jealous of me. When we first started going out, every break between classes there would be a group of girls standing outside of my classroom whispering and talking shit about me for being with him. I was proud.

And then that fateful day took it all away, I saw him running at the school gymnasium, chasing after some guy friend of his.

That jumpy, hoppy run… It’s been 7-8 years and I still cringe thinking about it.

21. jorsiem

Weird/unusual name. I once met a cute girl and we hit it off until she told me her name was “Rhianen” are you fucking kidding me? How am I supposed to explain that to people?

22. OJ_Simpson187

Too much makeup.

23. ninacheesecake

A guy who is a brony.

24. JustLikeSteveSmith

If she has serious problems stemming from a traumatic past.

I dated a girl who’d been raped and molested, and I really loved her to pieces. But I realized it destroyed her and I just couldn’t live with her madness, infidelity or fear that resulted from it, and I couldn’t do it again.

25. JadenLZW

Moles. Especially in prominent areas on the face. I feel horrible for thinking that way, though..

26. SM3agolol

Girls with no apparent concern for their weight. Yes, this is shallow. It’s not actually being a little chubby our w/e, I can deal with that, no-one is perfect. But if your attitude is, “I’m just + sized, deal with it,” while you stuff pizza down your gullet? Instant turn off.

27. Late_Night_Grumbler

I can’t date someone with blonde hair. I just can’t. I don’t know why. It’s ugly to me.

28. dontlikeyouthatway

Thinks Friends is funnier than Seinfeld.

Nothing wrong with that, but it lets me know we have a different sense of humor.

29. trav110

Gay guy here, and I can not handle guys that are overly feminine- the kinds who you can tell are gay after the first word comes out of their mouths. I’m not some self hating homo, but that’s just not the type I am or that I am into.

30. afropowers_activate

Someone who is ripped. I can’t stand big muscles. In reasonable shape, cool. Skinny, cool. A little tummy, amazing. But super ripped guys, at least where I am from, seem to be self absorbed dicks. I want someone who isn’t afraid to share a scoop of gelato with me. Guys with a little chub are cute, and often funny and interesting because they don’t rely on looks to get them everything.

31. moosemix


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