23 Women On The One Thing Men Can Do In Bed To Make Them Feel Like A Goddess

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1. miffy303

When he makes noise. I have no problem with being vocal myself, but oh my god, when he starts moaning I know it’s really good… excuse me I think I need to go be alone for a moment.

2. InkedNurse

Being caressed gently — touching my face, my hair… Running his hands across my skin — feels amazing and makes me feel delicate.

3. lafillelabas

when they make some comment like “woah, I’ll cum if you keep doing that.” Then it’s like “Challenge accepted!”

4. Not_impressed123

After we have sex and I want to go to sleep, my boyfriend tucks me in and kisses my forehead. He then goes on Reddit while I remain in a sex coma.

5. [deleted]

I know some guys may feel weird about being vocal, heavy breathing/moaning/groaning/saying how incredible something feels, but there is nothing that makes me feel more like a goddess than when I can hear his pleasure like that. Makes me feel like I’m doing everything right, and it makes me feel like I never want to stop driving him crazy.

6. [deleted]

The guy with whom I had the best sex I’ve had thus far would hold me in his arms and run his nose up my stomach to my neck, kiss all the way down my arms, and compliment me on my body. Every so often, he would look at me for a second and then just kiss me, like he couldn’t help it. When we actually had sex, he always made me feel like he wanted me so badly he couldn’t help it. It was one of the sexiest, most flattering things anyone has ever done to me.

7. veracosa

When he is fucking me without just doing the ole “in-out-in-out.”

It’s kind of a vertically rotational movement. When he enters, it is angled kind of like he’s trying to touch my belly with the end of his dick, then when he’s all the way in, he holds it for a second or two, and I can grind against him before letting go and sliding back out. Leads to more of a slow humping motion than “bouncing.”

8. jonesie1988

When he’ll do any and everything to make me orgasm. Also when he tells me how good is feel, smell and/or taste.

9. Amondapls

When I look away, or close my eyes, and I’m in my own world, then I look up at him and his eyes are glued to me, watching my face and body go crazy while he fucks me. He is 100% there with me, interested in what I’m doing, loving my body, makes me feel great.

10. SlightlyAmbiguous

Eye contact when he puts it in oh my god.

11. ruberta

Getting hard whenever we kiss, no matter what kind of kiss it is.

12. MissMuffin18

I’ve got to say, the best is when he tells you how much he enjoys pleasing you. For example, when he tells me how he loves going down on me, it makes me feel like I can do anything, and then it generally leads into more elation for the both of us.

13. oaksleia

When he touches and plays with my boobs.

14. sodomize_intolerance

Being aggressive. Dominating me like he can’t wait to fuck my brains out. Push me against the wall and just manhandle me. Throw me onto the bed and tear off my clothes. And talk dirty to me while you’re doing it.

Seriously. I can be as bossy and stubborn and dominant in the relationship, but when we’re having sex, I just want to be controlled.

15. danmach

[In response to the point above]:

This, I’ve found, is very common. It seems like a decent percentage of women I’ve had sex with have been very hard headed, stubborn, and vying for control a lot in a relationship. However when they get into bed they really get off on being dominated. It makes sense though because in a relationship the gender lines seem to be fading away a fair bit. There is an entire generation of women being raised with the iron clad ideal that relationships are even and both people should be on the same level.

Which is why I tend to only work with girls who are constantly keeping me on my toes and calling me on bullshit. We discuss most things and argue all the time about whats right or wrong. It keeps us both on the same page and it feels more open to me.

However when I get the lady in bed, or really just in the mood, they like being controlled. I think its because we ‘debate’ everything and in bed when I take control its because I want them so bad things aren’t open to debate anymore. Also I’m not a jack ass controlling dude in bed. A lot of it is me throwing them down and going down on them after a 10 minute session of aggressive sex. It comes off as an obession of mine to make them feel good and that I can’t contain myself from doing those things.

I feel certain thats how it seems because thats how I feel. In life I argue with my lady all the time about what we should do, what something means, anything and everything is open to discourse and debate. However in bed I know what I want and I go for it. We usually do have tender moments at the start and such but once things get naked, or shortly after, I run the show and its a show she enjoys.

Then again I’m over thinking this like a crazy person because I had a big energy drink and my lady hasn’t been over in 2 weeks.

16. [deleted]

He says things like, “Yes, baby, fuck me with that gorgeous pussy,” when I am riding him. I’d never been one for being on top before (I didn’t think I was very good at it, so I was always kind of reluctant), but when he says things like that it honestly makes me want to be on top all the time.

He also squeezes me so tightly and calls my name when he reaches climax; it turns me on, it’s so intense — and I’ve never experienced that level of, well, enthusiasm before. He often can barely move when he’s done, and has to lie on top of me for a while panting, usually still inside me. He confessed that nobody has ever made him cum as hard as I do, and that when he cums with me he feels like his head is going to explode (another thing that makes me feel like an absolute goddess – helloooo ego trip). Damn he makes me feel good about myself in bed… haha.

17. sunflower24

Keep on worshiping and telling me how my ass is fucking amazing. It will never get old. No matter how you keep on telling me this I will ALWAYS enjoy hearing it.

18. cuzshesmyruca

When I’m not really in the mood…and he tells me I’m in the mood. “Yes you are.”….and panties dropped.

19. GracieAngel

Being man handled, damn it I’m not going to break just because I’m skinny, really go for it.

20. deracinated

Cunnilingus, In the morning. Cunnilingus In the evening. Cunnilingus at supper time. I’m his little sugar, and he eats it all the time.

No seriously, cunnilingus, and surprise romance. Plus listening is key.

21. Kai-xale7

He gets visibly hard when he sees me… everytime… without fail. Makes me feel like a Sex goddess.

22. neptuneschild

My ex was unexperienced. But he always listened, he was always willing to try new things. He always did as I said. Absolutely made me feelike a Goddess.

23. GNSecret

My boyfriend has always been good in bed, but last week he told me to lay on my tummy, and then licked my ass for the first time ever. It was fucking HOT and felt amazing. The best part was the adoration in his voice when he’d pull away to tell me how hot it was and how beautiful my ass was before diving back in. A man who thinks your butthole is a thing to be worshipped is a keeper who gets a lot of blowjobs. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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