10 Reasons To Get Your MBA

People are always either all for grad school or totally against it. In my opinion, those who are against it are simply jealous of those who got to go. Many people argue that it’s not necessary, but neither was college. It’s just a matter of how much money you want to potentially make and how much you hate school.

1. Who doesn’t want another two years of college?

2. Because in undergrad they prohibited you from drinking, graduate school they encourage it. Have you ever been somewhere with an open bar? Graduate school is like one big open bar. Every event you go to they will be offering you free alcoholic beverages.

3. I know you think you will go back after a few years, but realistically once you get used to making money you won’t want to stop.

4. I also know that you hope that your job will pay you to go back, but unless you get a job in academia the odds of that are slim these days. In my state, even in academia you have to work there for at least a year before you can go.

5. Your brain is fresh, and used to school. I took a class recently where I was by far the youngest one there. I’m pretty confident I did the best in the class. Not because I’m necessarily smarter, but because I was the only one used to the school work.

6. More opportunities to make friends and connections. The program I am in is formed as a cohort so we spend the two years of grad school taking classes with the same 60 kids. This has helped me form some really strong friendships.

7. Grad programs are typically even more global than undergraduate ones. You have the ability to form connections with people all over the world that you can use forever, no matter where you go in life. oh and the food…don’t even get me started, it’s amazing.

8. There are lots of scholarships available. Grad school doesn’t have to cost a fortune, especially if you did decent in undergrad.

9. With a graduate degree, your salary potential is endless.

10. Once you graduate, you never have to go back to school. There will never be a further degree. Well unless you want to get a PhD, but in a lot of situations that over qualifies you, so we can just say that it caps you out of the education world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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