What Every Single Girl Really Wants To Say To The Guys Who Treat Her Like A Piece Of Meat

Seth Doyle
Seth Doyle

Being a novice single lady at 30 is quite an adventure as I have discovered. The world is full of cowboys, clowns and other circus related types that have inspired me to write this letter. It’s just fascinating to see how you expect to be surrounded by grown-ups and then find yourself feeling like the main attraction of a toddler theme park.

‘You want to get into my ride and skip the line? Of course!’ (Said no woman ever.)
So to any guy who just can’t take no for an answer, this is from the lady you tried to swipe into your bed the other day. The one of whom you thought one drink would do it, the one you’ve been kissing but not calling, the one that you keep as your back up plan, the one who’s convenient, but not compelling, the one you would never really date, but only care to take to bed.

This is that lady whose pants you’ve been trying to get into, the one that you squeeze, but not hold tightly enough to keep close, the one whose gaze you avoid or only hold when horny. This is the lady who still hasn’t given it to you – nor ever will.

Remember her?

Good, now pay attention. You’ve been trying to get into her pants, but alas to no avail. Maybe you care, maybe you don’t, but I’d like to dive into the matter a little bit deeper and enlighten you with her reasons why.

Because you’re not worth it. Because you don’t deserve her. Because you bring no value whatsoever.

You act as if there’s such a thing as a shortcut into her pants, as if she would welcome you in at the mere instance of your arrival, as if she’s sitting around waiting for you to fill her up. Well, let me tell you something, this lady isn’t waiting for anything – nor anyone to fill her up. This is because she’s already so full of herself, overflowing abundantly and perfectly fine with her own presence that she simply has no room for your appalling approach, your translucent tricks and sadly simple tactics.

There is no space for you or your probing cock in her fabulous life. She is already fulfilled and she fully owns her worth. And you trying to get to her fast forward is just pathetic. What kind of lowlife do you take her for? What kind of standards do you even have? Or is it because you’re a man that you consider the pants and the princess as two separate things?

The funny thing is that there would actually be a way to get into her pants – but it takes the difference between being a knight and a cowboy to know what goes her all open sesame. It means being patient, respectful and sincerely interested in her as a person – not only as an attractive alternative for your own hand. It means knowing when to keep your sword in your sheath and when to take it out courageously and strike with passion. It means being strong, independent and confidently lead the way, without having any expectations or putting on any pressure.

So to all cowboys out there, ladies like these do sometimes consider joining you for a little ride on your horse, they do. But only if you put in some decent work, some dedicated time and some sincere investment.

Or do you feel that is too much to ask? Well, just consider what you expect to get back for it. Some precious moments of intimacy with our holiest temple, our feminine essence, our very own core.

Pretty big deal, don’t you think?

So why, for fuck’s sake, would you even think for one second that we were going to give it to you like that, for nothing, for free? Because of your cute face, your tight body, the size of your manhood, your quick talk, your job title, your fancy car, your bank account? Please.

These ladies know what they want – which can be just as well somewhere between a relationship and a fuck-only-fling. They know what they’re worth and they know whom to give it to. They’d give it to the ones that value their presence, that acknowledge their essence and consider more than just their fuckability. The ones who treat them as if they were actual people – because that is in the end all we need. To be respected for what we are – a human being and not a fuck buddy. You wouldn’t like that either, now would you? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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