9 Reasons Why Being Single Is Better

Sex And The City / Amazon.com
Sex And The City / Amazon.com
If you’re single, lonely and currently looking for a relationship then you might want to first read this article and then reconsider.

1. You’ll have better relationships with your friends.

I know how it feels to crave for love and attention while you’re going through a breakup. Rebounds and one-night-stands feel natural when one is trying to get over an ex-lover. But eventually, you’re also going to get tired of sleeping around with people and leaving them the following day. At some point in your life you’re going to decide that you want stability. And you’ll realize that no one can give you that stability better than your friends; you know they’ll always tolerate you and love you. With a boyfriend, it’s easy to try to spoil him and, in the process, lost touch with your friends. But without a boyfriend, you’ll be reminded of how beneficial it is to your life to have friends who love and support you.

2. You’ll be able to appreciate your family.

It’s hard to get used to increased family time after a breakup. When your friends are unavailable, you might be forced to stay home with your parents or siblings, who you’ll be forced to talk to even if you don’t feel like doing so. You won’t have a choice; but trust me, once you start getting comfortable, you’ll enjoy their presence more than anything. You’ll appreciate the little things at home and you’ll realize soon enough that family is, by far, the best support group one can have.

3. You won’t have to worry about your phone bill… or even your phone.

No one’s texting you. You barely get notifications. And if you do, it’s probably just game center or your daily bible quote.

People in relationships are often continuously glued to their phones. Yet becoming single also comes with an indifferent attitude towards your phone. You’ll come to the conclusion that aside from updating all your social media accounts and having to make and receive emergency calls/texts, there’s hardly any use to having a phone. And it’s kind of nice.

4. Social media won’t matter that much anymore either.

Aside from occasionally updating your tweets, Instagram posts, and Facebook statuses, social media hardly matters anymore; you’ll have no one you feel the need to check up on, and it will feel liberating.

5. You’ll be able to concentrate on yourself.

Now that you don’t have to worry about anyone else, you may as well concentrate and focus on yourself. From getting high grades in school to working your ass off to get a promotion, you can do it; you have all the time in the world to take care of your priorities. You can finally focus on what you need to accomplish without worrying about someone else or whether or not they’ll think you made the right or wrong decision. It’s time to stop caring so much about someone else, and start caring about yourself. It’s time to care about YOU and love YOU; in fact, it’s all about YOU this time.

6. Eventually, you realize that being alone is totally okay. Sometimes, you’ll even prefer to be left alone.

You’re content being alone and no longer trying to search for “the one.”

The problem nowadays is that some people can’t seem to be alone. It’s as if they always need company in whatever they do, which shouldn’t be the case. And you, confident with being alone, independent in everything you do, will become something to admire.

7. You’ll meet new and better people.

When you were in a relationship, you were barely free to hang out with whoever you wanted. Now, however, you’re free! Free to meet new people and to develop new friendships. You’re young. Enjoy everything while you still can. And always remember to make friends first because relationships can always wait.

8. You won’t settle for just anyone.

Being single doesn’t necessarily mean that no one is interested in you. Usually, it means that you’re choosing not to settle. That you’re completely aware of your worth. And therefore you settle for what you know will be beneficial to you in the long run.

9. Soon enough, you’ll be physically, mentally and emotionally prepared.

In no time, you’ll be the complete package. You’ve got the looks, intelligence and now you’re emotionally stable. You’ll have countless men clawing their way to you, but you’re not that easy. You might have a plethora of options, but again, you know your worth. And you know that you must love yourself first before you decide to love someone else. Why? Because no one else will do it for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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