23 Ways To Show A Girl You Want To Be ‘Just Friends’ With Her

Louisiana, by Coley Brown

1. Tell her she is pretty and that she has good legs.

2. Invite her to dinner with your family and tell her she is the only person you have done this with.

3. Drunk call her at 1am.

4. Help her blow-dry her hair for parties and watch her moisturize her legs.

5. FaceTime her for three hours.

6. Fall asleep with her on the phone.

7. Tell her you love her. But in a friend way.

8. Get frustrated with her when she says “Love you” instead of “I love you” back though.

9. Hold her hand.

10. Whisper stories about nothing for hours and let your lips brush hers.

11. Kiss her.

12. Cuddle her as tightly as you can.

13. Tell her she smells nice.

14. Pay for her dinner.

15. Tell her that if you married her, you’d want to sleep on the left side of the bed.

16. Send her links to flats worth millions. And then explain to her you want the bigger bathroom in case you get a girlfriend.

17. Tell her you found a girlfriend.

18. Keep texting her all throughout the day. Every day.

19. Call her when you are sad and angry and listen to her give you advice.

20. Get angry with her because she doesn’t care, even though she picks up every call and always calls back.

21. Stop replying to her texts and leave your read receipts on.

22. Open all her Snapchat’s and don’t reply.

23. Message her every now and then. Remind her about your girlfriend. Ask her how she is going.

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