8 Facts For Lefties To Celebrate On International Left-Handers Day

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Flickr Vassilis

Left-handed people represent an awesome ten-percent minority. They can be found in the arts, the White House, the playing field, and just about anywhere that’s awesome. However, being awesome isn’t always easy as seemingly insignificant objects, including scissors, desks, and measuring cups aren’t designed for us. As lefties, we once had to fight for our right to write left. (No pun intended!) Because awesome people like us once struggled, August 13th is the day for us, and there are many facts about us we can be grateful for and celebrate. Happy International Left-Handers Day!

1. We tend to vote for ’em.

Looking back at the last seven presidents, FIVE of them were left-handed or ambidextrous. These Republican and Democrat Oval Office officials are Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama.

2. We like to booze more than our righty friends do.

Due to old theory, it was thought that left-handed southpaws were more likely to become alcoholics. This theory was (luckily) disproven, and was based of a small sample of people. Lefties, however, have said they do enjoy a drink here and there, and that they do drink a little more often than their righty friends do.

3. We hear speeches differently.

According to a Georgetown University Medical Center study, southpaws may pick up on subtleties in speeches more easily than right-handed people. Southpaws tend to hear pitch drops, and sound changes more so than righties, if using their left hand when listening.

4. We make great athletes.

Golfer Phil Mickelson and tennis champ Rafael Nadal are both left handed, along with many other great athletes. According to theory, left-handed people have an advantage in sports as they’re able to get a hand of the opponents facing them. Think sports like tennis, boxing and baseball, and lefties are able to do just what we mentioned earlier.

5. We reached puberty slightly later.

Look back to middle school for a second or two. What do you remember? Did your friends seem interested in dating and making new friends a little bit earlier than you? Ever wonder why? It’s because you’re left-handed, and people like you hit puberty four to five months later than righties.

6. We are more likely to be night owls.

Left-handed people may notice that they’re having a hard time getting proper sleep. We get tired, but we stay up and face insomnia more often than others. While all our righty friends are fast asleep, we are awake thinking of all kinds of things. Even though this may make mornings a bit rough, maybe it’s useful to use the time lying awake to the best of your ability. Create something, read something and schedule naptime each day!

7. We’ve left a mark in Hollywood.

Matt Lauer, Mary-Kate Olsen, Sarah Jessica Parker, Celine Dion, David Letterman, Paul McCartney, Justin Bieber, and Scarlett Jo all have something in common. Even though they’ve all made different marks in pop culture, they’re ALL left-handed.

8. Lefties are more interested in art.

Left-handed friends may brag from time to time about being more artistic. But they aren’t bragging; they are more right-brained than their right-handed counterparts and are more into divergent learning. Because of this they may be more interested in and better at arts and crafts. So if you’re left-handed, keep painting.

Once again, happy International Left-Handers Day, southpaws! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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