17 Things Children Of Creative Parents Should Be Thankful For

It’s interesting to think that our parents career’s affected us tremendously as we grew up. While any of them pursue practical careers in law, medicine, teaching among other things, some parents pursue careers in the arts, writing, advertising and music. For kids who grew up with ever-so-creative parents, life was usually vibrant and meaningful. If you were one of those kids, there’s so much to thank your parentals for; including the following:

1. Your own creative mind that was inherited from them.

2. Your parents let you play with crayons and kiddy musical instruments past the ages your friends parents did. They knew that playing with such toys was an important part of growing up!

3. The lack of pressure for you to be a top student was always nice. Remember that for some parents, an A- on a progress report would cause tears, leading to grounding and added academic pressure. You got off much easier!

4. They were always thrilled to see you try out for the school play, and were able to offer you excellent advice for your developing character. If it wasn’t the school play, and say, another art class, they gave you the best critique for each project.

5. As your parents got excited about all your artwork, they themselves were a major inspiration source.

6. They didn’t judge you for wanting to pursue music while wearing all black, or wanting to be a fashion designer who wore androgynous clothes.

7. The words of wisdom they gave you the time you started your creative career, whatever it was. They as well did it way-back-when, and always tried open-up their path for you to follow.

8. Your parents actually told you, “pick a job that you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

9. Your parent’s creativity wasn’t used exclusively for work, it was a way of life. If your dad worked in advertising, his sense of humour was used in every situation. If your mom was a designer, she’d complain about all the terrible kids menu font choices, especially comic sans. All of that supplied you with free entertainment.

10. Your parents taught you early-on that fitting-in is a failure, simply because one must stand-out to make a difference.

11. Speaking of making a difference, your parents were able to use their creativity for the sake of activism. Through this, you learned that giving back to the causes you care about is golden, no matter what it is.

12. Your parents gave you a generous sneak peek into their industry, and you got to know things about it your friends didn’t at all. For instance, where movies come from, or how songs are launched on iTunes. You got to see some of the studios, galleries and behind-the-scenes action for those things.

13. The fact you can actually say you knew the creator of all the works your parents did.

14. Your own taste in fashion, music and food may very well be more advanced, as a result of their honest opinions about everything. You’re probably called ‘the cultured friend’ regularly as well, which is always great.

15. Your parents had a thing for meaningful home decor as they’d never spend a lot of money to primp the house. Their obscure pieces of pottery, sitting on each windowsill, seemed more attractive than most chandeliers.

16. Holidays were vividly memorable and highly meaningful. While everyone else’s parents were playing The Nutcracker music while taking their child to sit on Santa’s lap, your family was at home creating new tree ornaments.

17. Most importantly, they gave you an understanding that money doesn’t generate happiness, and that following your passion does. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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