12 Sweet Perks Of Being A Visual Thinker


1)  You always know where EVERYTHING is.

Your mother probably walked into your room and told you to clean up multiple times while growing up. You, however, only actually ‘cleaned your room’ a fraction of those times. If you did, it was only for the joy of creating an aesthetically pleasing living space. However, there were many times when you left your room in hurricane mode, simply because you never forgot where your math book was. Let’s be honest, no one but you would be able to recall their car keys being under ten pairs of jeans. In fact some of the greatest geniuses of our time are notable for being a little disorganized as well. Look up a pic of Mark Zuckerberg’s office on the Internet. It’s a real disaster! Yet he still does amazing things each day.

2)  Finding a space-­friendly way to pack everything.

In order to get through check‐in at airports without having to pay an extra ninety bucks, your luggage cannot weigh more than fifty pounds! We’ve all been on big trips before, and many people cannot figure out how to pack all they need for the trip. Leaving many of your friends to say that you cannot bring that extra pair of boots. Yet somehow you end up being the only friend, going on the trip, who knows to pack your socks inside your shoes. Which allows you to pack optimal amounts of stuff without over‐packing!

3)  Finding your way around, and hardly looking at a map.

Remember the time when you moved to your college campus, or started a job in a new city? Your friends might have looked at several maps, and still got lost several times. You, though, looked at the campus or neighborhood map once, and never got lost. Within a week of living in this new place you just knew where everything was.

4)  Having dreams that are better than most movies.

If you’re a visual thinker, chances are you experience more than just dialog in your dreams. You probably have vivid memories replaying in your sleep, mixed with your craziest fantasies. While these dreams aren’t always pleasant, they do have the potential of being great conversation starters.

5)  Knowing how to surround others with beauty.

While visual people can be disorganized at times, they do enjoy creating pretty environments to be in. Visual thinkers are more likely to plan nice group meals with friends, because they can decorate the table and overall experience for their guests.

6)  Your Instagram profile is probably beautiful.

Let’s be real! Many people seem to prefer Instagram to Facebook and Twitter these days. As a visual person, it is likely that you know just what filters to use, and just the thing to post at what time. For what visuals may lack in language skills they make up for in knowing what looks good. So you just let your Instagram profile do the talking for you!

7)  Rarely being bored.

Everyone has been stuck staring at a white wall before. For most people the blank space tends to feel boring. For visuals, a white wall can lead to lots of creative ideas, and time filled with fine memories. Sometimes visually minded people can go hours without saying a word, and actually find those hours to be the most enjoyable and productive times.

8)  Art was probably your best subject.

Many kids in high school probably complained about having to go to art class. Whereas, you learned new music material faster than most of your peers, and had better looking work in your schools art shows. Sheet music was like looking at a painting, and it made more sense to you than “To Kill A Mockingbird” did. Drawing your best friend was also more fun for you than writing a paragraph on the Civil War.

9)  If your job is art related, then your friends probably admire you.

The corporate world might be the place where the world is run, but sitting in a cubical all day isn’t the most entertaining lifestyle. When talking to friends and family about your work life, they always feel joyed to hear about all the adventures you are having on sets or in your studio.

10)  Having the aptitude to invent.

Engineers pretty much build every physically working object around us. From computers to prosthetics, inventors are essential people to have in this world. Sadly, only a few people can actually work as engineers, and only a select few have the thinking abilities to invent the best technology. Thus, being a visual thinker is necessary. If you’re lucky enough to come up with the next iPhone feature, you are bound to have a nice life.

11)  You’re more likely to be well dressed.

Non-­visuals might be good with just a simple non­‐decorative outfit. When you actually enjoy putting something nice together in the morning. Even though not all visuals are keen on the latest fashion, some are experts and know just how to make an impression through their clothing.

12)  Having a better appreciation for simple pretty things.

Trees in a park might not have quite the emotional impact on your verbal processing friend as they do on you. So you might leave a city with a greater attachment to everything that happened. People with opposite thinking styles tend to remember fuzzier information and conversations, but you remember things for how beautiful they were. Because you actually remember how a painting at a museum looked, you are more likely to have a prettier memory of that museum. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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