50 Small Pleasures That Will Make Any 20­Something Female Happier

Sex & The City
Sex & The City

1. The smell of a seasonal Yankee Candle being lit in a room. A pine scent to remind you of
Christmas time, can make you feel oh so wonderful.

2. A joke that only you and a close friend will find funny. Possibly funnier than anything on
Comedy Central.

3. Walking out the door with the perfect makeup on. Foundation not too heavy, skin glowing,
eyes defined, brows perfected, and plump lips.

4. Hearing a song you loved in middle school play on the radio. Nothing like hearing “Scotty
Doesn’t Know” or “Just The Girl” years after puberty.

5. A good sweaty fitness class at your local gym. Cardio dance is something you look
forward to during the week.

6. A mini Sex And The City marathon.

7. An old Lindsay Lohan film. Who doesn’t love Hallie and Annie from The Parent Trap?

8. Full nights rest, followed by the perfect coffee. You’ve never felt more alive. Ever!

9. An hour or so to yourself in complete silence. This is a great time to rejuvenate, and
discover things about yourself that you wouldn’t in noises and crowds.

10. Your favorite chick­flick being shown on ABC Family.

11. A Laguna Beach re­run on MTV, and bringing out your inner Team Lauren or Team
Kristin, all over again.

12. Buying a great piece of jewelry from a thrift shop or vintage store.

13. Getting a high grade on an exam you could have sworn you failed. Or a good work
evaluation when you feel as if you aren’t performing job duties well.

14. A nice warm spaghetti dinner, made for you, after a whole day of hardly eating anything.

15. Attending an art exhibit, and loving all the art. Not many people are at the museum, and
your tour guide is actually smart and not boring.

16. Hanging out with a close friend, and being comfortable with moments of silence between
the two of you.

17. Calming music playing on Spotify, while you work on something creative.

18. When someone you respect likes a photo of yours on Instagram.

19. Sushi dinners in general. Everyone should lose their sushi virginity! Even if you fear the
idea of raw fish, you should still try the Cali Roll. Cause it’s just that good.

20. Carbs! Not starchy veggies or any of that whole grain crap. The white processed refined
kind. Just getting a chance to enjoy all the pasta, cookies, yeast rolls and pizza, can
boost your mood.

21. An issue of Vogue or Cosmo, and a glass of champagne after a long day at the office.

22. A really good manicurist painting your nails, or a really good makeup artist creating a
smokey eye for you.

23. Gossiping about someone who is giving you stress. The Bible may not favor us doing
this, but it sure is comforting to know that someone else feels the same way about the
same person as you.

24. A salad that actually tastes good, or a healthy meal that tastes better than pizza.

25. On that note; a good deal on pizza. Pizza is fine in just about any situation!

26. A bottle of Barefoot, and having the right people over. There’s nothing better than wine
and love from people who respect you.

27. A shopping adventure, when you are actually well­-off financially!

28. Drinking a lot one night, but not feeling hungover at all when you wake up. Plus finding out
that nothing went wrong that night.

29. A spur of the moment road trip with your most fun friends. On the trip you are listening to
great music, discovering the world around you, and forgetting about the stresses in life.

30. Not checking your phone for a really long time. You may find more texts than you can
handle after doing so, but getting a chance to focus on yourself is natural therapy.

31. Homemade cocktails, and having your favorite friends over. No negative people, just
laughs, and a slight buzz.

32. Avoiding people while walking to work, and having great music coming out of those

33. Dinner for one! Nothing is better than enjoying a meal just as you like it, especially when
no one talks to you while you enjoy.

34. Finally learning to enjoy your womanly figure. Yes. Many of us gained a few pounds in
college, and it’s not just because we consumed too much alcohol or fies, but because
our teenage body is a thing of the past.

35. Finishing the run you’d been dreading all day. Just knowing that you burned a few
hundred calories while doing so feels superior.

36. Getting to sleep past 9 p.m. Now that you have a job, sleeping this late is practically the
same as sleeping till noon.

37. A smooth day at work, when things are actually happening, but the tasks are fairly doable.

38. Trying out a different makeup routine than usual. Or changing your hairstyle.

39. Holding your friends newborn baby. You must secretly want kids yourself, even if you are

40. Since you may want children more and more now; looking at puppies makes you just as
happy. Anything cute can make you feel softened.

41. Netflix for hours and hours, and not thinking about drama.

42. Your boss actually smiling at you for your work turning out well.

43. Shopping at Forever 21 like you’re still in high school.

44. Time away from man problems, and time away from girl drama.

45. Someone letting you cry about everything that’s bothering you in life, just like a baby.

46. A stranger giving you a genuine smile for once. People in this world are so vile and hostile
sometimes, so running into nice people is amazing.

47. A week when all your roommates actually clean up after themselves daily.

48. The moment you get tickets to see your favorite artist in concert.

49. Finding out that you packed just right for a weekend trip.

50. The moment when you finally realize you’re still young, and that life has many more little
pleasures waiting ahead. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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