14 Things Secure People Never Do

Anthony Roderman
Anthony Roderman

1. Talk about themselves like a broken record.

Secure people know that their lives are going in a good direction, and respect the times when things don’t go their way. Because of this secure people aren’t going to talk for the sake of attention, secure people will talk when there is something interesting to talk about.

2. One up!

An insecure person might tell you that they are a classically trained ballerina, and that that they can do fourteen back handsprings in a row. However, a secure person would never respond by saying that they had the lead in the nutcracker for five years in a row. Even if they did. A secure person would simply let you know they share a love for dancing with you, no matter how talented they are.

3. Fish for compliments.

Never! A secure person knows when they look good, and knows when they need to groom. They know when their singing abilities need improvement, but don’t try to ask others for reassurance to feel good about their voices.

4. Try to be best buds with everyone.

Secure people know what enough friends is, know what real friends are, and respect their acquaintances. With several billion people on this planet, we can only respect one another, but cannot be friends with everyone. Secure people feel confident with being alone sometimes, and are able to put those facts into perspective.

5. Feel the need to belong to everything.

Secure people are eager to learn, and are curious little George’s, so they don’t ignore what’s going on around them. However, they are comfortable enough with their place in the school newspaper, that they don’t feel the need to be the editor-­in-­chief of all the school magazines on top of it. Maybe they have the skills, and others admire them enough to put them in high positions, however, they don’t purposely try to run everything.

6. Act as if they run the place.

A secure person is comfortable with following the rules, and doesn’t feel the need to create them. They know that they are where they are, and are fine if that place doesn’t involve full undivided attention all the time.

7. Work for likes and follows on social media.

A secure person is fine with posting a quote they love on Instagram, but they don’t get mad if only five people liked it. Unless they use social media for business. If people do like ­­ great. If they don’t ­­ fine. You might also find their profiles to be more interesting, and less self-centered than insecure people. They would rather post a picture of a tree than a flaming hot selfie. Social media to them is about sharing what’s happening, and not a place for being

8. Force their religious or political views on others.

Secure people can be Christians, they can be Atheists, Muslim, and the list goes on. However, they have a sense of faith that their understanding of where they came from is true enough, that they are blessed to believe as they do. If others oppose then they either stand up for themselves, or continue to believe. They never challenge what others think, or feel the need to tell others that they are wrong.

9. Dominate the dinner conversation.

A secure person understands that a conversation is no solo act, but an exchange of thoughts. They speak when it is their turn, and take the time to learn what everyone else is passionate about, and cater to those involved. Maybe they aren’t interested in astrology, but they listen because the other person is equal to them.

10. Brag about their accomplishments.

Secure people might talk about things they loved doing, but they never brag about being voted “most likely to succeed.” They recognize those moments as fun events, and realize that what they’ve done doesn’t define them. Insecure people will talk about being Homecoming Queen for years, to literally everyone they meet.

11. Brag about their work title.

CEO? CFO? Project Manager? Um they might be in these positions at the office, but they realize that others want to work their way up the ladder, and that there will be a day when they have to step out of it, and be replaced. They love their company, and aren’t too worried about where they are within it.

12. Put themselves down.

A secure buddy would never call themselves ugly. They know what works on their face and what doesn’t when doing makeup. Thus they would never call themselves a bad person for no reason.

13. Feel as if they always need a buddy.

Secure people, introverted or not, are okay with being on their own. They don’t constantly need others approval. They can find something to do when there aren’t any plans. They get a lot done, and feel contempt with themselves when they finally clean their rooms, or write an article.

14. Tell you that they know everyone.

Secure people dive into relationships. Of course they branch out! However, they are perfectly fine without the whole world knowing about them. They usually find enough comfort in a relationship, that trying out everyone is unnecessary. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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