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You’re Not Behind, You’re Just On A Different Journey

You are exactly where you are meant to be, and I don’t just mean figuratively. I mean that the place that you are sitting, the air that you are breathing, and the life that you are living. This is meant for you, and you are not behind or late or in the wrong place.

You have done so much in order to find yourself where you are, and you are more than ready for what is to come after this. And it’s okay to let yourself be happy even when things worked out a bit differently than you imagined they would. Because different can be beautiful too.

You should know, since you have always been different in the very best of ways.

You have been vulnerable and authentic and ambitious and unapologetically in love with all of life’s possibilities and endless daydreams. You have been hopeful even when you felt hopeless. And all of these differences have molded you into someone so unique and incomparable.

So, of course, being different would naturally land you on a different path, and the one that you are on is an adventure that only you are capable of taking. You have done so much and seen so much and become so much, and you deserve the good that’s coming your way even if it still requires a bit of struggle and twists and turns—you can handle it.

And in case you forgot, you are worth loving—because in case you didn’t notice, there are plenty of people who love you, even if one of those people isn’t your soulmate (yet). You are worthy of the love you seek because you are also worthy of the love you already get to keep. Even if it’s, again, different than you were expecting at this point in your journey.

So don’t ever let yourself forget who you are and settle for anyone and anything that doesn’t see the light you bring into this world. Don’t ever let anything or anyone coax you into believing that the path you’re on isn’t right for you.

Keep going and keep doing you.

Because the world needs people like you. Dreamers. Romantics. Believers. Doers. Planners. So do not let your gifts go to waste or ever let a single day pass you by without recognizing your own brilliance. You are not late, you are divinely on time, and it’s okay to let yourself shine mid-adventure.

You are not behind on your destiny, but you are overdue for noticing just how incredible you are.

So take in this life you’ve built for yourself and soak in the beauty that rests in your heart and the magic that lives in your soul. Close your eyes, gift yourself a smile, and give your rare heart a hug, because you are one of a kind and living a one of a kind life.

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