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This Is The Year We Normalize Saying How We Feel

When was the last time you asked yourself how you were feeling?

Chances are you’ve spoken to someone recently and asked them how they are, and chances are that same person asked how you are in return. ⁣⁣And how many times have you responded in the same way? Like a reflex? Like a routine?

I’m good!⁣ I’m doing well!⁣ Great, thanks for asking!⁣

But what you feel is so far from habitual or ordinary. It’s ever-changing and complex. It has layers, and it is evolving and progressing.⁣ So why do we pretend we are one-dimensional? Why do we avoid admitting how we feel for the sake of not making anyone—including ourselves—uncomfortable?

We are multidimensional human beings, and as much, we have multidimensional feelings. And to be real? We need to acknowledge our edges as much as our core. ⁣Because life isn’t always about good vibes, butterflies, silver linings, and sunshine.⁣

⁣It’s about the challenges, the detours, and the in-betweens that help us color in the scenes of our lives. ⁣Some days we’re blissed out and some days we’re stressed out. ⁣Some days we’re over the moon and some days we’re burning the midnight oil. ⁣

⁣Some days we’re more lost than ever and some days we feel like we’re found. ⁣But every day is different, and it’s okay if how we feel constantly changes. It’s okay if we aren’t always good or great.⁣ Because the truth is, life isn’t made up of perfect moments or perfect feelings. ⁣

⁣Life is a spectrum of emotions that make up a colorful and authentic life. ⁣And to add color, we must say how we feel, even if it’s a splash of blue or grey for contrast.⁣ And if we do? ⁣

Sure, maybe someone will feel awkward, or won’t know how to handle it, or won’t return the sentiment right away.⁣ Or maybe someone will feel less alone, or feel more connected, or feel understood, or finally feel like their feelings are valid. ⁣

⁣Maybe if we can normalize saying how we feel, we can also normalize being human. ⁣We can normalize what it means to be real.⁣ So, I ask you today: How are you?

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