Now Is The Time To Remember

How many times have you been in the middle of a memory so wonderful that you decide to take a picture so you can “save it for later”? And how often do you actually go back to that photo, take in that scene, smell that air, and feel that way again? If you’re like me, the answer is almost never.

We are always seeking more adventure. More trips. More journeys. More memories. What if, right now, this moment is meant for us to remember? Remember where we’ve been. Remember how far we’ve come. And, maybe, if we remember, we can recall the courage it took to get here and use it to continue on. There’s an adventure ahead, but there’s also the one we’ve been on all along.

Vacations may be canceled right now, but my memories are not. People say it’s not good to look back at the past, but I think they’re wrong. I think it’s beautiful to reminisce about the moments in our lives that felt completely unreal. I think it’s fun to remember the good times and laugh about them with someone we love. I think it’s empowering to look back at the tough times and realize how strong we’ve become.

While we are not our past, our pasts have helped to shape our present. And there is power in remembering. There is love in remembering. There is wisdom in remembering. There are places you’ve been to that deserve your reflection, and there are things you’ve been through that deserve a pat on the back, likely long overdue. There is a lot you’ve seen and overcome and grown from.

So maybe you take a moment today to remember all of the adventures you’ve been on. All of the trips and flights and hikes. And also the adventures of your everyday life. Remember it all, or even just some.

Maybe for today, you take a journey back in time to see how far you’ve come, and perhaps you take some loved ones along for the ride. You can finally find those photos you took once upon a time or journal about all of the battles you’ve overcome. You can call up old friends and talk about old memories, or you can ask your family, What was it like when you were as old as me?

Memories matter. Because otherwise, what is all of this for? So, just for today, remember your bravery, your laughter, your late nights, your delayed flights, your first kiss, your big risks, your favorite trips, your best hugs, your scraped knees, and all of the things that become a part of your journey.

You’re still on your adventure. The world is just giving you a moment to take it all in finally.

Writer, Founder & Poet

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