Why Are You Holding Yourself Back From The Things That Ignite Your Soul?

Why is it that we’re afraid to reach for the things that we want that rattle our souls? The things that make us feel alive and bold?⁣

Why is it that we allow fear to put a finger to our mouths just as we’re ready to speak our truth and to tell the world our story? ⁣

Why is it that we can look up at the stars and throw wishes at a sea of possibility, but when the dawn breaks, we are suddenly afraid to reach that high, to reach up to the sky? ⁣

⁣Why is it that we are scared to say our dreams out loud, to stand in our power, and to tell the world that we are worthy of every little bit of it?⁣⁣

Why is it that we throw shade at ourselves for the mistakes that we make but feel too shy to throw glitter at all the magic we create? ⁣

Why is it that we stop short of realizing how capable and powerful and wonderful we all are? Why stop at maybe when you keep walking to your new reality? ⁣

Why is it that we live with only one foot out the door because we worry about what we leave behind, even though it belongs to someone we’ve outgrown?⁣

Why is it that we hold ourselves back from loving the breaths between our bones and the body we often don’t consider home? Why hold back, seeing we are never alone? ⁣

I challenge you to challenge these misconceptions that the ego imparts on our world. I challenge you to challenge the doubts that permeate our universe. ⁣⁣

I challenge you to simply look into the mirror, but see that you are far from simple. See the glitter in your eyes. See the compassion at the edge of your lips. See the life that you’ve lived through your reflection. ⁣

See the person looking back at you and choose to love them. Love them hard. Love them fiercely. Love them truly. ⁣

⁣And next time you asked yourself why? Ask yourself instead, why not?

Writer, Founder & Poet

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