Every Morning Is The New Beginning You Seek

How I love the silence of early mornings before the rest of the world rises. There’s this gentle humming of hope that lives in the trees and travels swiftly through the breeze. On mornings like this, it’s as if anything is possible. In the silence, there’s this banter with the universe as it nudges you to do the thing you’ve been holding yourself back from doing. “Today’s the day,” your intuition tells you as the sun hugs your cheeks from between the blinds. As slowly as you rise out of bed, that’s how quickly the world conspires to create space for your dreams today, should you choose to chase them. Before you’ve even had a chance to sip your coffee, you’re already drunk with potential.

How I love these mornings that move like molasses and give you permission to dip into gratitude. So sweet are these days when the love in your heart doesn’t fade but only gets stronger in the shade. You brush your hair and brush out the knots in your soul with every mindful breath. You smile at yourself in the mirror because of the secret hiding at the edge of your lips and the tip of your tongue. In the silence of the morning, you’ve shouted to Fate that you’re ready for that date you’ve rain checked far too many times. This is your new beginning, and joy is simply swimming in your lightened lungs.

How I love these mornings when it feels like the rest of the world is waiting for you to decide who you want to be today. There’s this energy pulsing on the ground of unlimited opportunities waiting to be found. With every step you take, you silently step into your power (even in your fuzzy socks). Today’s the day you choose to be the very best version of you, and you tuck away your doubts when you carefully make your bed. Ah, how kind the silence feels between these walls as it gives you room to be with yourself and color in the quiet. There is still time to move. Now you can simply be.

How I love these mornings when the clouds, whose shapes you used to guess as a child, all came back to see who you’ve become. The clouds move against the brightest blue you’ve ever seen, and suddenly your dreams feel so much more reachable than before. In the silence of these mornings, you hear forgiveness from your inner child and support from the person you are now. In the speechless spaces of the dawn, you’ve unraveled the person you’ve been all along. Everything feels possible in this muted morning as the world gently rises like a wave of consciousness. Yet here you are, awakened in a way that you’ve never been before.

Oh, how I love the silence of early mornings when the quiet invites you to check-in with yourself before the rest of the world has a chance to tell you who you should be. How I love these mornings when you get to decide the rest of your life with a hushed cup of coffee. Thought Catalog Logo Mark