Stop Waiting For The Right Moment

Stop Waiting For The Right Moment

You’ve been waiting your whole life for this. So why aren’t you doing anything about it?

Why are you waiting for that wave of inspiration to take you under instead of taking the steady tides of imagination as they come?

Why are you waiting for the perfect day where everything falls into place to finally make headway instead of making any day “the day I finally made it”?

Why are you waiting for someone to tell you that you have permission to go for it rather than looking in the mirror and telling yourself, “I’ve got this”?

Why are you waiting to feel differently or to feel ready when you could decide, today, to act differently than you did yesterday?

Why are you waiting for the stars to align and for your rising sun to consent to your dreams instead of choosing to shine on your own?

Waiting. We’re always waiting. The right time. The right setting. The right mindset. But waiting to be right is what’s actually wrong.

Waiting for the ideal scenario means you are missing out on creating the ideal scenario by manifesting the shit out of your life.

Waiting for the perfect moment to tackle your desires means fooling yourself into thinking that you can’t have it all right now.

Stop stalling on the dreams that are finding refuge in your pillowcase. Stop stalling on the hopes that are drowning your soul.

Go for what lights up your heart and often keeps you up at night. Go for what pulls your imagination into the clouds and reach up to take what’s yours.

You are worthy of what you want so deeply, regardless of what temperature it is outside of the temperature of your mind. You deserve what you seek because that’s why you’re seeking it.

This life was made for you, and the only person you’re hurting by waiting is you. Yes, the world will miss out on your gifts, but you will miss out on getting to share all of it.

And the truth is, you’ve already got everything you need to make it happen. The only thing missing is the brave choice to take that leap of faith.

Stop waiting for tomorrow.

Start choosing yourself today.

Stop waiting to be magical.

Start seeing you already are.

Don’t wait.

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