A Case Of The Saturdays

“I’ll just do it next Saturday.” I’ve told myself that line countless times. ⁣

So many times, I let fear or excuses get in the way of the thing I knew would move me forward. Too many times, I let myself get distracted and procrastinated on my purpose. ⁣

There have been far too many Saturdays I let pass me by because I have been too afraid to fly. Or too afraid to try. ⁣

Next weekend, I’d think. And soon it’d be the next year. It became a cycle of delayed hope and a collection of reasons to avoid what I wanted most. ⁣

No more. ⁣

No more waiting for the moment we feel ready or for when the weather feels just right.⁣

No more hesitating on our power to rise or on our potential to succeed.⁣

No more defending our fears or rationalizing our doubts. ⁣

No more.⁣

It’s about time we built the heat in our hearts and lit the world on fire. ⁣

It’s about time we cultivated energy in our bodies and bridged the gaps in our souls. ⁣

It’s about time we took control of our desires and stopped letting dreams just stay ideas. ⁣

It’s about time.⁣

No more Saturdays gone to waste because excuses is not what we want to bring to the grave. ⁣

Yes, we need to rest to feel alignment and to have the space to let ourselves shine.⁣

But too much rest is just another defense mechanism and it’s the ego who runs it. ⁣

So sleep in, but then chase the dreams we were born to win. ⁣

Trust that you have what it takes, no matter what day of the week it is.⁣

Trust that you are not here just for brunch. You are here for something far greater.⁣

Trust that voice inside of you that whispers maybe but that life’s chaos tries to silence.⁣

So find your stillness. Find your maybe. Turn that maybe into “wow, look at me now.” ⁣

How many Saturdays will you let pass you by before you learn to fly?

Writer, Founder & Poet

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