12 Ways To Be More Productive In 2018 As A Young Professional

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Many of us start every year full of ideas and reignited hope. If you’re like me, then 2017 was a little too messy and chaotic for my taste. Something about the year made me become one of those people who thinks the world is suddenly going to change when the clock strikes midnight.

The world might not have changed in January, but I am certainly determined to make something more of this year and reach all those goals that somehow keep rolling over.

As young professionals, we have everything at our disposal to reach our goals. Sometimes, what we’re missing, is the time and energy to get everything done. So that means the solution for our businesses, our side hustles, and our dreams require improving one thing that affects everything else: productivity. Here’s how to have more of it:

1. Exercise. Working out more is probably already one of the goals on our list. Conveniently, being fit has its advantages outside of a great summer bod (and that’ll be here before you know it). Exercise gives us more energy to get through everything on our to-do lists and achieve our goals.

2. Workplace. Whether you’re working in the office or working remotely, make sure that – wherever you – your immediate workspace is organized, with minimal distraction, and a welcoming environment for concentration.

3. Outsource. Sometimes, we’re not meant to do everything. Now and then, there are tasks that we can outsource to someone more junior on the team or someone external like a freelancer or contractor. Become wiser about recognizing the things that require your time.

4. Schedule email. Stay focused on the tasks ahead and schedule a block of time to answer emails – based on when you work better throughout the day. Emails tend to be one of the biggest distractions and reduce efficiency.

5.Wake up earlier. We often complain about not having enough time, so the trick is to make more time. If we wake up an hour earlier every day, that’s 365 extra hours to make our businesses succeed and our dreams come true!

6. Focus vs. multitask. As much as we want to get as much done at the same time as possible, multitasking is not the answer. Focusing task-by-task will help you achieve your goals without interference and losing momentum.

7. Drink water. Just like working out, drinking more water gives us more energy. As much as we’d naturally reach for another latte, pouring a glass of water keeps you from getting dehydrated and becoming sluggish.

8. Leverage your commute. Whether it’s listening to an audiobook, making your grocery list, or budgeting out your week – use your commute to accomplish something on your list or open up your mind to aid in more productivity the remainder of your day.

9. Use technology. We can’t always do everything. Luckily, as technology advances, we have software and tools that are worth investing in. They help companies and self-employed professionals provide centralized solutions whether the issue is social media scheduling, retail communications, project management and more.

10. Tackle big tasks. As good as it might feel to get a lot of little things done, it will always feel better to tackle the big monster your avoiding. If you’re scared, that’s a good thing; it means it’ll feel that much better once the task is complete.

11. Avoid social media. We might’ve grown up with social media and we might even need to use it for our businesses – but mindlessly scrolling through feeds isn’t helping any of us make more money or giving us more motivation to succeed. Use it when necessary but avoid it when you need to be focusing.

12. To-Do List. You may or may not be a list person, but there are a variety of “to-do list” options for every personality. Find the one that works for you.

“In trying to find who you are, be less destructive and more constructive. Look at art or whatever your passion is and be productive.” Nirrimi Joy Hakanson TC mark

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