8 Fun Reasons You Should Gamble On Going To Vegas

Flickr / ADTeasdale
Flickr / ADTeasdale

Las Vegas, Nevada is the grown-up playground of the world. It’s the type of city you don’t ever really need an excuse to go to. Graduating college? Done. Bachelorette party? Done. Divorce? Done. Had a really terrible Monday and need a vacation tomorrow? Done. There are less reasons why you shouldn’t do Vegas than reasons why you should.

The city is forever glowing while vibrating in waves of different colors, and there’s a light show of multicolored energy pulsating in the air. Music filters well into the morning bouncing off of penthouse windows and keeps you conscious like you’re dreaming awake. Allure can be found around every corner and adventure through every door.

It’s an effervescent retreat from everyday and monotonous life. It absolutely outlaws boredom and bursts in thrilling desire. It’s a city knee deep in sins and disasters but everyone should try the taste of chaos at least once. Gamble on the wicked, I’ll bet it’s exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Here are 8 reasons why everyone should wager with Vegas at least once:

1. Because the food is absolutely sinful. You probably wouldn’t have guessed this to be the first reason, but you’ve probably never been to Vegas. The city has some of the best cuisine in the whole country with restaurants like Bardot Brasserie and CUT that will make you feel like you’re sinning just at the first course.

2. Because the clubs tempt you to dance the night away. You’ve never really been out unless you’ve been out in Vegas. Clubs like Tao, Marquee, and XS will change your life forever, and nothing will shock you afterwards. Vegas midnight to morning entertainment is make believe and fantasies that come to life.

3. Because the shows are literally out of this world. Cirque du Soleil’s “O” is a heart-stopping extravagant aquatic show while Chippendales will keep your heart beating faster between stage thrusts. Or venture over to the dark side with Absinthe, known to be the most daring show on the strip. And if all else fails, go see Britney one more time, baby.

4. Because the pool parties are the only hydration you need. Some people even claim that the pool parties are better than the nightlife. And who doesn’t enjoy DJs and day drinking in the sun to ring in the summer?

5. Because the hotels are amusement parks of their own. These hotels are magical and will make your jaw drop to the floor. Everything glitters and sparkles like no hotel ever should. Wynn, Aria, and the Cosmopolitan are just a few that will leave you speechless and fawning over your plush white bathrobes.

6. Because you should bet more on yourself. Ever gambled? This is the place to roll the dice on the green. Try your luck at the penny slots or give blackjack a go – the only casino game that is skill related and not just pure luck.

7. Because the stories are unthinkable. Have you ever heard someone come back from Vegas and say it was awful? No, because that’s not possible. While the stories are usually kept clandestine (and for good reason) they are stories you and your friends will have for the rest of your lives to laugh and reminisce over.

8. Because everyone is equally blasé and corruptible. This is probably one of the greatest things about Vegas – what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. And everyone’s about it. You can let your hair loose and strip your inhibitions in this city because everyone else is going to.

And if you’re not group chatting your friends about planning a trip to Vegas by now, then all bets are off. You’re clearly not ready for this city.

It would leave you hung-over for weeks as you have withdrawals of fun and fantasy. It would leave you thirsty for change and hungry for chance. It would leave your pockets empty, but your memories richer. It’s where the unimaginable becomes reality and sleep becomes merely a suggestion. It’s a place you’ll never regret traveling to.

Welcome to Sin City, where there is no better time than in a city known to be bad in all the right ways. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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