10 Reasons Hopeless Romantics Aren’t Hopeless After All

The Holiday
The Holiday

I’ve always been known for being emotional. I’ve been told I overthink things, that I overreact to situations, and that I feel too much. I’ve been made to feel as if this full heart of mine was a weakness. I’ve been made to feel as though emotions are my downfall. I’ve been made to feel like I should hide the heart gripping my sleeve.

Well, I hope I speak for all the hopeless romantics out there when I say – they were wrong.

The naysayers with flames instead of fires in their hearts, the pessimists who see reality instead of dreams, the cynics that scowl at hope for the sake of logic… They’re all wrong about us. Because these full, full hearts are just as much a blessing as they are a curse. These full, full hearts that beat with passion are a perfect juxtaposition… and they’re the best things about us.

1. Because we can walk in the rain and smile. We can see the rainbow before it appears. It’s because we notice the beauty in things that people otherwise dismiss as a nuisance. We acknowledge that the clouds need to shed some weight off of their shoulders before they can let the light in.

2. Because when we feel pain – we feel it in our veins and every inch of our sensitive skin. Not only do we let ourselves feel it, but we drown in it. We drown and let the pain engulf us. The trick is that we come out alive. We survive the most epic pain. We embrace it instead of ignoring it.

3. Because when we feel happiness we sprinkle it around us like fairy dust. We feel happiness so strongly because we have had pain as my neighbor. So when happiness bursts through our smiles, we do our best to spread it amongst the world surrounding us.

4. Because when we love, we love with everything in us. When we love we give our whole selves over. We give our hearts, we give our souls, and we recreate our dreams. We feel it so deeply that love becomes our very purpose. Our hearts are always bursting. Our smiles are always true. Our intentions are always golden. And we’re never afraid of love.

5. Because we see the best in people, and offer forgiveness laced with hope. We truly and honestly believe in you. We see the light surrounded by darkness and we give out second chances like Christmas cookies. We trust we all have a heart to our disposal and deserve forgiveness when we ask for it.

6. Because we love to help those in need, and our ears are always willing to listen. We will listen to you for hours on end, we will be your rock when the world comes crashing down, and we will do what we can to take your hurt away. We will do this without asking for anything in return because we care more about you than we do ourselves.

7. Because everything to us is colorful…never just black and white. We see the world as a spectrum. We see all the opportunities, the chances, and the magic. We look for it, and we create it. With it come two sides to every story, a handful of “maybes,” and a trickle of “what ifs”… Because we know the world is filled with possibilities.

8. Because our reality is based on raw emotions. We feel everything. Every moment in life sparks a reaction. What seems like a jinx is actually quite beautiful. Our empathy provides us with a multitude of emotional journeys from single moments that inspire us to explore our innermost selves.

9. Because we breathe through words that write our life stories. A simple sentence can inspire us to go and take on the world. The epic love stories trickle hope into our hearts. We use words as our emotional currency. With them, we are richer than any royalty.

10. Because when we truly let ourselves live, it’s magical. When we give into our emotions fully and spontaneously it’s the most epic world wonder. It’s a transcendent form of ecstasy to feel reality. To feel it without precaution of thinking of what’s next. When we are in the moment – we truly exist.

So you see, us hopeless romantics, the empathetic one, we see the world in a different way. We harbor light and shine it on the world. We comfort others with our cloud of consolation. We are the best ones to love, because our emotions are contagious.

These full, full hearts they sing of strength and beauty. They have a place in this world. They have a great and wondrous purpose. We are imperfectly perfect and can smile and cry at the same time about it. But in the end, we love. And love, is the most important emotion to know.

“Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional. Let this be a sign that you’ve got a big heart and aren’t afraid to let others see it. Showing your emotions is a sign of strength.” -Brigitte Nicole Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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