When I Finally Find Love

Dear Love,

You’re a tricky one, aren’t you? You’ve fooled me before, but don’t think that means I don’t believe in you. No matter how many colors my heart turns from being bruised and trampled, I haven’t lost my faith in you. No, I know you’ve pushed me because when I get to you. I’ll be ready, and it’ll be worth it.

When I find you, Love, I know yours will be the last eyes I’ll want to look into and that I’d feel agony by looking away. I know that from the moment I meet you, all my fears will be wiped clean. I won’t count the seconds it takes for us to get where we’re going, because all that will matter is knowing that we’ll be going together.

When I find you, Love, I know you’ll never let me go. You’ll hold on as if every moment between us is a grain of sand, and you won’t let a single one fall from your fingertips. You’ll stand with me in the middle of a fire, if that’s where I want to be; or swim across an ocean of disaster — just to heal me at the end.

When I find you, Love, I know you’ll steal my breath away from me so that you can offer me your own. I know that your kiss will be the end of me, because a better me will be born through it. I know that the world as I know it will change the moment you step into it.

When I find you, Love, and I know I will, I know the smile will never fade, but my cheeks will get accustomed to the happiness. I know you’ll push me to be greater than I could have dreamed of. And I know I’ll do all the same for you.

When I find you, Love, it’ll rain where there’s a drought, it’ll shine where it should snow, the earth will shake where it’s never moved, mountains will rise on the flattest plains, stars will fall all around us, but the world won’t notice a thing. Because when you find me, Love, the past and present will cease to exist and we’ll fall into a moment that will last forever.

So, I may have been wrong before, as much as I hoped I was right. At least now I know that you’re still out there. And through the chaos of heartbreak, my heart is still open for the taking. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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