11 Questions You Will End Up Asking While You Travel That Will Affect Your Relationship

People often say that going on a trip together is the first real relationship test, and it can be, given the fact that you’ll spend so much time together and might have to deal with unforeseen situations in a strange country. Surviving that first trip as a couple doesn’t guarantee you an easy ride later, though. After all, you probably haven’t been together that long and still feel butterflies daily.

What if those butterflies lie down and travel makes you take a good look at your relationship? What if you decide to go exploring without him?

In some cases travel will reassure you and guide you back into his arms. In others, it might make you question whether it’s worth unpacking when you get back home.

Here are 13 questions to look out for:

1. You’ll be confronted with other cultures and lifestyles. You’ll feel as if your eyes have been opened and you’re ready to turn your life around. But you’re wondering: what if he doesn’t feel the same way?

2. Travel is an escape from the daily rut. Or at least for many people it should be. When daily business falls away and you can’t start conversations with “How was work today?”, do you still have enough to talk about?

3. You’ll travel without him from time to time. With friends or by yourself. He lets you know he misses you. Do you feel the need to text him just as much as he texts you?

4. Most trips come to an end. When it’s time to go “back to normal”, do you wish it could have lasted longer, or are you somehow relieved?

5. You might meet other couples at your destination and hanging out with them could be good fun. It can even be interesting to see how they interact with each other while traveling. Interesting… or confronting?

6. You both have your own travel style and that’s okay. When you travel together you find a common ground and you make sure to also take some trips with friends or by yourself. So does he. But which ones do you like best? And which ones is he most excited about? Does it even matter?

7. Traveling with a befriended couple or making new friends on the road can add an extra dimension to your trip. Do you manage to sneak in some quality time as well, or are you spending your entire trip surrounded by others?

8. If you come back from a solo trip or trip with friends, is the first thing he asks how it’s been and if he can see the photos? Or is he more curious about what you’ll have for dinner? And how about you? Do you start telling stories before you’re unpacked or do you go in “I wish I was still there”-mode for the next few days?

9. When you are on a trip together, do you ever think it would be more fun with someone else?

10. Vacation is temptation. Or do you only have eyes for each other?

11. Finally, are you looking forward to your next trip together or does the thought of it make you nervous? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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