8 Tips For The Perfect Winter Wardrobe

Coach Fall/Winter 2014/2015 Campaign.
Coach Fall/Winter 2014/2015 Campaign.
The warp of time is rapidly gliding us through the end of the year as the days get shorter and the upcoming nippy crisp season begins to take a toll on, well, mostly our nips.
For the cities that warmly hover closer to the equator, it is safe to say that their “winter” isn’t nearly as biting as it is for those at a frosty distance. For folks who live amongst a more mild temperature, their supposed winter mostly just consists of uncalled for “cold-fronts,” or only a couple weeks worth of chilly weather that sort of fluctuates throughout the season. However, the assembling of an outfit can be just as tedious a process for the snowbirds out there. Often resulting in either really charismatic and well-gathered outerwear, or just a plain ol’ no:

1. The forsaken multicolored UGGs.

Please — just don’t. I firmly stand by the belief that these ugg-ly oversized wannabe-boot things are just an excruciation of fashion. If you must feel the need to utilize them, throw them into a warm, cozy bonfire as extra ammo. You can thank me later.

Now is later.

2. Stick to some faux-leather riding boots, combat boots, or any other kind of boot for that matter.

Not only are these boots efficient in almost any season as you can style them up or style them down, but they also look damn good with just about anything.

Add them as an accent for that casual-chic look of the day, or for a punk-grunge-esque look in the evening.

3. The “Turtle” look.

And typically completed with an oversized North Face jacket or college sweatshirt over yoga pants that pretty much exaggerates everything under the waist.

I get it. You’re going for that “I don’t give two shits about how I look” vibe that may be an inevitable outcome for everyone at some point in their lives, but just try not to make it a habit. I’m pretty sure your goodies don’t appreciate the sheerness of the pants, and the intrusive frigid weather seeping through.

This also applies to leggings or anything that you shouldn’t really wear outside of the gym (or house for that matter).

4. Scarves and beanies trump accessories.

I look forward to this season all freaking year as I compile a collection of beanies and knitted scarfs that hold no beneficial use until the weather cools.

One of the leeways of this season is that you don’t have to overcompensate with jewelry. Cute scarves and beanies are an adequate substitution for accessories. They adorn your look just as appealingly, while also keeping your ears and neck snug from that chilled air. Win-win.

5. Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you’re exempted from wearing color.

Though black and grey are the most practical colors of any season — but most especially for the winter — don’t be shy of those bright reds, purples, or pinks. As the degrees drop, the climate tends to get a little bipolar making for more monotonous days all around — so why not stand out a bit?

Besides, there really is no other season that you could appropriately wear a bright-fuchsia-colored sweater without looking like you’re about to make an appearance in a Katy Perry music video.

6. Be reasonable about layering.

Layers are a winter staple and a solid way to keep you from freezing your ass off. That’s pretty much it.

Although probably not as necessary to heavily bulk up for 50-60 degree weather, a long-sleeve shirt with either a cardigan or a plaid button-up topped with a sweater could be sufficient enough to add real dimension to your ensemble while also keeping you warm.

Don’t overdo it; you’ll just look overly dramatic and will surely begin to regret it once the sun peeks through.

7. The leather jacket and winter coat extravaganzas.

A statement piece that should not go unnoticed, but also not be overtly in your face with a leopard and zebra print mash-up. And try to avoid coats composed of a hefty amount of fur as if you’re about to go sleigh with some reindeers.

Just keep it cool with a black leather jacket that makes you feel like you’re a cast member of The Vampire Diaries, or invest in a woven blazer that still gives the impression like you’re ready to stroll through the streets of London.

8. The “goosebumps” look.

Listen, while you claim that you’re “not cold” in 40, 50, or even 60 degree weather, when your convulsing body and bluish skin evidently proves otherwise, please do yourself a favor and at least put on a cardigan. We all see through your rather stripped facade.

Sometimes comfort over beauty is more practical.
‘Tis the season to be fashionably warm! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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