This Is How You Learn To Walk Away

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Ilya Yakover

It takes courage, it takes power and it takes time.

Those are what I learned as I took every step. It’s only in the past and it’s forgotten, I’d say forgotten for good and moved on for good.

I learned to love myself and accept myself as for who I am. I learned who I was and I met the person I was staring at everyday and I still am learning myself, self love takes days, months, years and decades don’t rush into it but work onto it.

One must learn to accept themselves as who they are before they can’t accept anyone into their lives. You must learn to love yourself before you start falling in love and you must learn to let go before you allow anyone to enter your life and you must learn to forgive before you fall in love again.

Your heart breaks are what has made you the person you are today, you might feel as if you’re a lost soul but you’re not, you’re a soul that’s been through pain and it’s okay to feel pain as it only makes you richer.

It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to taste your own tears but it’s not okay to bleed over someone who doesn’t appreciate your existence because you are worthy of a whole lot more.

Sometimes moving on is what makes us a stronger person or sometimes it’s what the person has left us with, is what has educated us to be that person we are today.

As you heal, you learn what you deserve, you learn that people grow and they grow from each other just so they could give us a valuable lesson and sometimes you learn that you never want to be like them ever.

You move on but, surely nothing happens over a night, it’s takes a strong believer to believe, that you will eventually be happy on your own. And once you find that happiness, make sure you stick to it and hold to it till death separates you two.

You learn that happiness is not in the hands of anyone and that you create happiness yourself and once you start believing in it, you will see yourself moving on as you learn to accept.

And lastly, your happiness and your smile depend on you not on anybody else and it should never depend on anyone.

Be independent my love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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