What It Feels Like To Be Muslim When We Call Muslims ‘Terrorists’

It feels terrifying to be blamed for actions that you haven’t participated in. We’re all different, we Muslims respect one another, we Muslims support one another but we certainly DO NOT SUPPORT TERROR AND CRIME. – Islam is AGAINST IT.

We may tend to hide our feelings based on what the society thinks of us, words or phrases like, “They are terrorists, they should be banned from entering the country” – You do realize, that there 1.6 billion people in this world who are Muslims, so are all Muslims terrorists?

Islam does not teach me war nor does it teach the rest of the Muslims, Islam hasn’t taught me taboo language nor has it allowed me to use it, but the society has. Islam has taught the Muslims peace but not war, it has also taught us what love is.

When I hear people calling Muslims, “terrorists” just because this person might be wearing a simple cloth (scarf) around their head for the respect of their Lord which does not make them any less of a person!

This person chose to cover their hair, no one forced them to, but does that make them a terrorist? – It’s their personal decision, I mean there are people who like walking around “naked” so why can’t we wear what we want? – I mean can’t we choose to wear what we want? Or do we have to ask for permission? Since it’s our body and we can do whatever we want with it.

Of course, every religion has their own extremists but don’t blame the whole community (act of belief – religion) for that! There are 7 billion people living in this earth, we don’t always agree and we may have different views in life but can’t we accept that? Why start war, when we can try to understand each other?

Why do we Muslims have to change their behavior of style just because we want to satisfy the society. – Our job is to allow other people to have their own freedom, and give them the right to practice their religion without having to harm anyone and treat everyone equally.

There isn’t a religion which represents terrorism. – I believe the word itself should not belong to the dictionary (It’s full of hate and negativity which only harms us).

Islam teaches me to respect one another, we’re all human beings, we should love each other for who we are not for what we are told by people/society/media.

We are sick and tired of being blamed every single day, month and year. We are human beings, just like the rest of the people in this world. Respect us, we deserve to be respected, put your SHOES in our SHOES. We have the right to live, let us BREATH. Let us live and feel the freedom.

We feel like we’re in a shell trying to squeeze ourselves away from the non-Muslims. Why can’t we be set free? Why can’t people understand us? Do we not have the right to practice our religion and succeed knowledge in Islam? Why do we feel like we are threatened by the majority of this world.

We may sit down next to a person and they might get up and just leave. All for that because of the religion we believe in and you call us disrespectful. Even if we asked helped, most, would not offer their help because they’re afraid of us. – What have we done, to put you in a position where all we receive is hate and not love?

It’s saddening to see how people are attacking us with strong words that condemn you to hate yourself for being around.

We are all beautiful, and we can teach each other by learning something from one another.

Respect people’s beliefs; don’t make any assumptions if you’re not very clear/sure with your words. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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