8 Things Preventing You From Ending The Relationship You Know You Should

1. Letting go

The reason why you can’t them let go, is that you are committed to this relationship, you can’t imagine yourself without them, it just feels incredibly hard, you’ve spent months/years with them.

2. Fear

You are scared of their response, how they would react and you’re afraid to disappoint them, since they love you so much and everything went well since you became unsure about the relationship.

3. Believing everything will be alright

You keep on believing that everything will be alright, and it will be back just like it was before, but the truth is it won’t, no matter how much you want to believe that, you’re becoming hurt and lost because of this relationship.

4. You do not want to open your eyes

– You do not want to open your eyes, instead you try to think about the positive sides of your relationship, the moments you have had them with them and you just close them and smile like nothing bad is going on. But let’s be honest, that isn’t making the situation better, or is it?!

5. Feeling

The feeling you have with them is unconceivable, you just love it, and you just think this will make everything better but in fact you know it and everyone knows that it won’t. They just love you and you love the feeling they give you.

6. Love

You love them so much however, deep inside you know that they’re not right for you, and you just wish everything was “roses and doves” but it is not…You love them but it is not enough anymore, the enthusiam has faded away slowly.

7. Surprises

They surprise you with things they have done for you, and they’re just sweet which even makes it harder to leave them and when they ask you what’s wrong, you answer “Everything is great”.

8. The Adventure

Yes…The adventure, the fun, the joy you are happen to give, it’s like an endless fairytale, but you have to wake up before you hurt yourself and them… Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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