5 Things Every ‘Almost 30-Something’ Experiences

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1. Wanting to save

In your teens money was to spend because you’d make more of it anyway. Now, you’re more cautious with how you spend, and you wonder how much money you would have had by now if you had started saving in your teens.

2. Going out less

As you approach your thirties, hanging out and having fun shifts from going out partying every weekend to staying in with close friends or grabbing dinner with them. Loud noisy bars and clubs no longer appeal to you because you want to go somewhere you can sit and actually have a conversation. You can’t afford to binge drink and get wildly drunk anymore because hangovers mean a day of recuperating, and you just don’t have the time for that.

3. Losing friends

This one is a tough one; it’s hard to come to terms with this, but it’s just the way life goes. As you get older, your priorities and interests change so, naturally, so do some of your friendships. You may lose some friends. You may spend less time with them. You may also feel really upset over this and wonder what you did wrong, but it’s important to remember that this happens. And the friends that are supposed to stay will stay. You don’t need to spend your time worrying about these friendships. Let go and let life take its course.

4. Feeling unsettled

A lot of us reaching our thirties don’t have all our shit together. Maybe we haven’t found a life partner yet or we’re still living at home with our parents or maybe we’re working a shitty job we hate. All of the expectations society has for people our age leave us feeling restless, insecure, and unsettled. We’re starting to have regrets about our past and worries for our future. For fuck’s sake, we’re still young! Why are we spending our youth ruminating over whether we’ve accomplished these milestones? Why aren’t we living in the moment and appreciating all that we do have going for us?

5. More confidence

Despite feeling like we may not have all our shit together as we finish off our twenty’s decade, we realize how much more confident we’ve become. We’ve become more certain of what we want and need. We tolerate less bullshit. We pay less attention to what others think or say about us. We don’t settle for anything less than what we deserve. It’s taken quite some time to get to this point, but it feels good, and I can only imagine how much better it’ll feel when we’re thirty. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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