An Open Letter To My Future Children (And The Children Of The World)

image - Flickr / Franca Gimenez
image – Flickr / Franca Gimenez

To my future child, your future child, and the children of the world:

If you take anything from this, I hope you learn to be confident in your own skin, accepting of your imperfections because they are what make you unique. I hope you learn to be vulnerable and make connections but never risk your own happiness at the expense of another. I hope you learn that this journey is going to get rough, but the highs overcompensate for those times; they are the moments I ask you to hold onto, close to you, because when the hard times come, these will be your light out of the tunnel.

The darkness passes, and while you continue on, I hope you learn that you were meticulously created for greatness; everything you touch turns to gold. Never let anything- no man or woman, no time, no fear- stand in the way of your dreaming because you will lose focus. You will wake up filled with regret and excuses in your pocket. Don’t let life pass you by.

If you take anything from this, I hope you learn that happiness does not come from these accomplishments, high moments, or connections. It all goes back to the beginning… I hope you learn to fall in love with yourself wholeheartedly, to really appreciate all that you are and have been blessed with, to know that there will never be anyone else who shines like you. I hope you never forget this. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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