10 Tasty Reasons You Should Date A Man Who Cooks

Flickr / Jens karlsson
Flickr / Jens karlsson

Ask him how it feels to cook the one recipe he was trying to. Ask him to see the rush of excitement in his voice, explaining you the order of the ingredients. Smile. Go ahead and taste it. Close your eyes while you do this, for he will have his wide eyes on you. He is not looking for your opinion; he actually knows it has turned out fine.

1. Date a man who cooks, for he adores his spices just like the little girl next door loves her Barbie.

2. Date a man who cooks, for he will take you to places with just your palate. He will ride you through the Mexican cuisine just as he would walk you to the French.

3. Ask him if he prefers a skillet to a saucepan. Admire him as he explains you how different it is to cook with both.

4. Date a man who cooks, for you shall wake up to the aroma of brewing coffee and something whose smell you don’t recognize. Understand it is his attempt to surprise you with something new.

5. Date a man who cooks, for he shall be as sensitive to your needs as his taste buds are to food. Love him more for that.

6. Date a man who cooks, for when he enjoys the smell of fresh parsley, you will find yourself enticed. Lean in and join him. See him smile at you.

7. Date a man who cooks, for he shall stir love inside you as gracefully as he would stir caramelized sugar. He will not let the either go cold, for he knows that it’ll just harden it.

8. Date a man who cooks, for you will find yourself melting in his warmth like butter. Do not worry about the melting, for he knows that it is just the beginning and will generously sprinkle ingredients to take it further.

9. Date a man who cooks, to wake up each day and be surprised at masculinity being so gentle and at your will being so powerless. Give in.

10. Date a man who cooks, or better yet, marry him! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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