10 Simple Ways To Show Her How Much You Love Her

John Mark Kuznietsov

1. Screenshot her snapchats. The snapchats your girl sends to her friends vs. the snapchats she sends to you are polar opposites. Watch out for the pictures that look like she may have taken multiple times to get the right angle, THEN screenshot to show her you appreciate her beauty.

2. Bring her flowers. After your girl has had a rough day at work, or been incredibly stressed out by finals all week, show up at her doorstep with flowers in hand to let her know that you recognize how hard she’s been working and it’ll all pay off.

3. Leave her little notes. Does she park outside? Leave a note on her windshield. Maybe she left the room for a minute. Leave a note in her planner so she’ll be surprised and think of you.

4. Send her pictures of your day. See something that you think would make her laugh? Don’t just tell her, take a pic and send it to her! Send her pictures of you two on a date with the caption “Miss this. Date night soon?” to let her know that even at work she is on your mind. Send her a picture of something that reminds you of her to let her know that she is always what you are thinking about.

5. Remember what she talked about. Bring up something she mentioned a while ago to show her that you do listen and you care about what she says.

6. Call her at night. Right before she goes to bed give her a call so that your voice is the last thing she hears that night. Same goes for when you go to bed too! That way you’ll both fall asleep with full hearts and have wonderful dreams.

7. Take pictures. Snap some selfies while you two are laying on the couch. Or better yet, take pictures of her without her knowing and tell her how beautiful you think she is.

8. Be her biggest cheerleader. If you are not standing up for her, or supporting every step she takes then you are not doing your job as her boyfriend.

9. Compliment her. Not just physically but tell her that you love the way she thinks, or that her music choice is incredible. Tell her she is kind and smart and funny rather than just saying “you dressed yourself very nicely today”.

10. Tell her you love her. This is simple and if you need me to explain it you probably shouldn’t be here or be with her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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