Miss USA 2015: It’s About The Women, Not Donald Trump

As many of you may have heard, the Miss USA 2015 Preliminary Competition was aired live last night. These 51 women were poised, outstanding, and beautiful! Oh, but let’s not forget about Donald Trump…or how about we do.

It’s important to remember that Donald Trump’s words do not reflect the hard work and determination of the 51 women who are competing.

I think it’s very sad and disappointing that the spotlight has been taken off of the women competing due to the controversies in the news surrounding Donald Trump and the Miss Universe Organization. It’s hard to stay focused on the deserving women that are competing when the news is reporting on the controversy.

As a former Miss Idaho USA and Miss Idaho Teen USA contestant, I just want to highlight all the hours that these women have spent preparing for their moment to shine on the Miss USA stage. I can’t emphasize enough how much work it takes, how much time it takes, and just how amazing these women are.

If you haven’t seen the commercials floating around online for Miss USA, or read about the women competing for the title of Miss USA 2015 this year you may not be aware of just how amazing these women are. They are more than just an hourglass figure or a pretty face. Some are former rodeo queens (my personal favorite from my home state, Miss Idaho USA Claira Hollingsworth), attorneys, law students, and musicians.

These women spend countless hours working on community service and involvement, physical fitness, interview skills, and finding that PERFECT gown for the Miss USA stage.

It doesn’t stop there. Before they make it to the Miss USA stage, they obviously have to vie for their state title. Just like sports, these women are constantly practicing and bettering themselves to compete for the crown.

YES they get their makeup done.

YES they get their hair done.

YES they are beautiful.

However, behind the hair and makeup these contestants embody intelligence, determination, and community.

Honestly, making it to the Miss USA stage is something they have been preparing for their entire life. These contestants possess skills and accomplishments that they have worked for, for YEARS. Learning to compete in a rodeo or getting into a law school isn’t something they were able to do overnight.

I hope people begin to realize that these 51 women have put in TONS of preparation for the chance to step onto the Miss USA stage. These women deserve for Miss USA to be aired on television, they deserve to be recognized for their achievements, and the next Miss USA will deserve the crown she is going to receive on Sunday.

You may have heard that REELZ, an independent cable and satellite entertainment network, has made the decision to air the Miss USA competition this Sunday. THANK GOODNESS they were able to look past all the hype and recognize the competition for what it really is – a chance for these women to showcase their achievements and talents on the Miss USA stage.

On Sunday, let’s remember to recognize the individuals competing and their hard work. Some have competed four times for this opportunity, so let’s show them the respect and support that they deserve. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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