11 Things That Would Happen If You Spent More Time Loving And Less Time Hating

Let’s face it – more people today spend time judging and finding reasons to dislike each other than they do finding things they enjoy about each other. It might sound basic, but for every negative thought you have about someone, start thinking of a positive.

1. You will find the good in others.

Yes, this is obvious. For all the time spent thinking about what you don’t like about someone, you could be spending finding things you do like about them. You are sure to have something in common with everyone you meet as long as you are looking for it.

2. You will find new ways to look at the world.

Meeting someone new is an opportunity to experience a different outlook on life. Just because someone has different views than you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take their ideas into consideration, you might learn about something that truly interests you.

3. You will learn a little bit about yourself.

You might think you know yourself so well, but you might learn even more if you open up your heart to new people and new ideas. Finding things you like about people will teach you about what qualities are important to you in friendships and relationships.

4. You will learn about a new culture.

If you open up to people and find things you enjoy about them, you are bound to experience a new culture. Diversity is positive, and the world would be boring if we were all the same.

5. You will love yourself more.

By finding the positive in other people, you will learn to love yourself more. Positive thoughts bring positive outcomes. Finding reasons to like others will only make you happier.

6. You will find more opportunities.

The more people you know, the further you can go! It’s true, knowing people in different areas of business and life opens more doors for you!

7. You will gain a better support system.

Karma can be a positive thing! If you support others, chances are they will support you. If you provide others a shoulder to lean on, then you will have one in your time of need too.

8. You will be able to share more memories.

Building relationships means sharing memories. Don’t base your opinion of someone off of a first impression. Make a few memories with people before you judge.

9. You will try new things.

Finding common ground with others is a good way to try new things you may not have thought of before. People will share their interests with you, and you might find something new that you love.

10. You will get more out of life.

New friendships bring that spark like a new love interest does. Making new friends and meeting new people will bring a little more sparkle and happiness into your life.

11. You will see positive changes.

It’s a chain reaction. Finding the good in others means bettering yourself, and that will bring about a plethora of positive changes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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