10 Things In The DMV (DC, MD, VA) You Must Experience

The moment I expected tall skyscrapers, sparkling city lights, and large corporations…was the moment I was all wrong.

1. Annapolis, MD: This is the epitome of a sailing town.

Jump on a sailboat cruise, enjoy a glass of merlot, and enjoy the sunset. If they ask who wants to steer the boat, don’t be shy…raise your hand! Of course, don’t forget to buy your souvenir sweater to take with you in case it gets chilly on the cruise.

2. Arlington, VA: Visit and pay tribute at the Arlington National Cemetery.

This has to be one of the most humbling experiences in the world. Witness the perfect silence Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and see the gravesite of John F. Kennedy. Make sure to bring a tissue.

3. Washington, DC: Visit a rooftop bar!

Sipping on a Vodka Cran at a rooftop bar is the ultimate definition of relaxation. My personal favorite was in the DC neighborhood of Adams Morgan. Remember to take a panorama photo with your iPhone of the views from the rooftop! Can you say Facebook cover photo?!

4. Baltimore, MD: “Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks…”

Spend $10 for tickets to a Baltimore Orioles baseball game! You don’t need the most expensive tickets to have a great time. Make sure you enjoy an ice cold Natty Boh – The ‘official’ beer of Baltimore.

5. Annapolis, MD: Overlook the beauty of the Bay Bridge and eat a crab cake at Hemingway’s!

Great food, even greater scenery. See the sailboats and maybe even the pink-tinted sunset over the Chesapeake Bay. Everyone knows Maryland is known for their crab cakes, but this way you can enjoy one while gazing over the clear blue water.

6. Washington, DC: Visit the Lincoln Memorial.

And find your state at the National WWII Memorial. Of all the memorials in DC, the Lincoln Memorial was my favorite. Nothing compares to looking up at the statue of Abraham Lincoln with the sunset behind you. On your way there, make sure you stop by your home state at the WWII Memorial to take a photo.

7. Alexandria, VA: Buy a piece of art at the Torpedo Factory.

I know what you’re thinking, “a self-propelled weapon with an explosive warhead?!?!” No, silly…the Torpedo Factory is an arts center overlooking the Potomac River. I bought my first ever piece of art here for a very reasonable price.

8. Washington, DC: Skip the crowds and paddle past the Washington Monument in a kayak!

Kayak rental shops on the Georgetown waterfront are inexpensive, and well worth it. Wave at the pirate ship cruises passing by and get a suntan while you explore DC!

9. Baltimore, MD: Stroll through Fell’s Point, and eat breakfast at the Blue Moon Café

Can you say Captain Crunch French Toast?! Fell’s Point has many local shops to browse through and great food to experience. Blue Moon Café is the place to be for a fantastic brunch! My only disclaimer is to make sure you arrive over an hour early to sign up for a table.

10. Washington, DC: Put those secret service sunglasses on and take a selfie in front of the White House!

There are plenty of people around to take your photo, but it’s really not the same unless it’s a selfie! If you’ve never ridden a train, make sure to take a train into DC and avoid the hassle of parking as well. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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