10 Disasters That Only Seem To Happen When You Wake Up Late In The Morning

We all know the gut wrenching feeling – the rush, the anxiety, and the stress of having an awful morning.

1. You’re late.

It’s that defining moment when your favorite T-Swift song comes on in the morning and you hit snooze one too many times, oops. This gives a whole new meaning to the song “Eyes Open.”

2. Your dogs won’t cooperate.

Why won’t my dogs get out of bed? Why is my Chihuahua still laying under the covers? Why won’t they eat their breakfast? Why won’t they stop barking? Why am I now chasing my Chihuahua down the street in my pajamas?!?! (Yes, this has happened to me more than once.)

3. Your hair won’t cooperate.

All you want to do is look good for work, and your hair doesn’t want to cooperate in a pony or a braid…even after using dry shampoo and hairspray. Ya’ feel me?

4. You can’t find anything to wear.

As cliché as it sounds, we all know the feeling. It’s that “I just did laundry last night, but I can’t find anything to wear” kind of panic. I swear I washed a shirt to match these pants…

5. You rush to pack a lunch.

Maybe your roommate stole your lunch, or you forgot to pack one. The bottom line is sometimes ramen noodles and a piece of fruit will just have to do. Beef or chicken? #thestruggleisreal

6. You think you forgot something.

Did I lock the front door? Did I shut the garage door? Did I give my dogs water? Did I remember everything I need? Do I need gas – oh, thank goodness I don’t have to stop for gas…

7. You ran out of time to stop at Starbucks.

All you want in life is a grande caramel macchiato…but you’re forcing yourself to stay strong, keep the wheel straight, and not make that turn into the drive-thru. MUST. NOT. STOP.

8. You get behind a school bus.

Of course…in the five minute difference of when you normally drive past this neighborhood and now, the school bus stops in front of you which leaves no choice but to wait for all the 4th graders to load on the bus.

9. You can’t find a parking spot.

Everyone seemed to take all the good parking spots at work, also in the five minute difference from when you normally leave your house. You can only hope that you wore your most comfortable dress shoes today.

10. You see donuts in the breakroom.

Maybe to some this isn’t a disaster, but many people are telling themselves they are going to start eating healthy. OF COURSE someone brought this horrid temptation into work today…it will go great with my breakroom coffee since I couldn’t stop at Starbucks. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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