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The Time I Touched Robert Smith of the Cure

Like nerds everywhere, I was obsessed with the Cure when I was a teenager. It was out-of-control, poster-plastered walls, concert-footage-on-repeat unhealthy. Looking for a great way to separate yourself from your teen peers? Fall in love with five make-up wearing goth rockers who reached popularity in the decade prior. It’s a surefire bet.

The Williamsturd: A Post-Post-Feminist Phenomenon

I was mortified by this ruse, which would’ve been charming when I was 13. He then insisted on smoking pot in such plain sight, I was embarrassed, and then we pushed on to another bar. I lagged behind as he wheeled his fixed gear bike to the closest bar, where he had a water and tipped with his last dollar.

The Time(s) I Used my Autistic Brother to Get Into College: An Essay Critique

Growing up with an autistic sibling really makes your teenage years abnormal in the way that your only goal is to fly under the radar by doing super-well in school, saying no to all drugs, and abstaining from sex. All of this in an effort to avoid causing your already stressed-out parents any undue pain. I remember myself as an obedient, unselfish teen, but in retrospect, I selfishly used my disabled brother as leverage to get into school.