The Way Out Is Through: How To Survive A Breakup

Franca Gimenez
Franca Gimenez

A break-up can be one of the most tormenting things to go through. Your insides are out, and your sense of self is no longer controlled by your own thoughts. Your head spins a million miles a second and there are moments when you think of everything and nothing at the same time. It feels like your chest is imploding with grief, much like a passing of a loved one. Sometimes it’s hard to tell which is worse. You can’t function like a person; you’re merely floating listlessly, barely existing.

But there is a way out, painfully, surely. Succumb to the pain. Give in to the emotional torture and let it consume you. Surrender yourself to weeping every moment you get, once you get off from work. Turn your emotions on the second you step home and pour your heart out as your tears run freely down your cheeks. Drown yourself in the misery that engulfs your consciousness every single moment, so that once you’re ready to move on you’re all cried out.

Have no shame in admitting that you need to throw every care out the window and be a hermit. Don’t be afraid to allow yourself time to mourn the loss of a relationship that once meant more than yourself. If need be, wallowing in self loathe is a great coping mechanism.

Why all this, you ask? Because once you’ve exhausted every fibre of being sobbing your eyes out, you can build from ground zero. You’ve allowed all the guilt and remorse to run through your veins and bury your rationality. It’s then time to collect every shard and splinter and nurse the bruises. You will continue to feel sore and carry a dense fog around with you for weeks to come, but it will clear – I assure you that. When you feel like you have nothing left to hold dear, the only way is to start from nothing. And when the one you love the most abandons you, it feels like you have nothing. That’s when you become something. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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