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An Appreciation Letter To The Anxious People Of The World

To all the anxious people out there in the world, this is an appreciation article dedicated to you.

You already know exactly what anxiety feels like, and therefore, you never want another person to go through what you’ve experienced. You calm and ease other people’s anxieties and fears because you’ve been through those same anxieties and fears. You bring about a steadiness that is very grounding in nature because you want others to experience the stability that you were never able to have. The sense of security that you build in relationships and friendships allows others to form deep bonds that tend to feel stronger over time.

People naturally gravitate towards you because they feel accepted and loved in spite of opening up about their worst thoughts and fears. Especially since your experiences with anxiety have led to a familiarity with your own darker nature, you are extremely tolerant of other people’s flaws and angsts. This all results in a very safe environment for other people to be themselves or express any of their doubts and concerns. You remind me of a safe haven for others where a person can come home to rest and recover.

Because you can relate to a person’s fears regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances, not a single person feels judged or criticized for being exactly who they are. You are able to empathize with anyone and everyone, and many of you tend to get along with people through all walks of life. You are also one of the only people in this world that can understand the most damaged and broken-hearted souls. And this is a fundamental aspect of humanity — empathy for others.

Anxiety should not be a label, and certainly not a definition of your self-worth. Instead, your anxiety is something you should be fiercely proud of. You have endured suffering with a quiet strength, and you were able to process painful experiences that others would feel overwhelmed by. And not only have you been able to juggle your own demons, but you’ve been able to soothe and heal countless other humans.

You are a life changer to some and an eye opener to others, and I don’t want you to forget the happiness you bring into many peoples lives that maybe you don’t even know about. Strangers, friends, and family alike may take advantage of your endearing qualities, but I want to remind you that without your nonjudgmental acceptance, many wouldn’t be where they are today.

The world appreciates you, we appreciate you, so please have confidence in your ability in handling life and don’t let your anxious thoughts get the better of you.

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