woman in black jacket wearing black sunglasses

I Hope You Choose To Shine

Whenever someone tells you what you can’t do or what you can’t accomplish, you have a choice. You can accept what they’ve said, or you can simply ignore them and prove them wrong. Often, when people in our lives tell us what we can’t do or have or accomplish, even well-meaning ones, what they’re really saying and how they’re really feeling has more to do with them and little to nothing to do with us. Have you ever considered that the things you want to do or are already doing are provoking insecurities, fears, and maybe even some jealousy from the people who tell you what you can’t do? Think about it. Then choose to shine anyway at whatever it is you want to do with your time and your life. Yes, you might fail. Sure, you could have some setbacks and delays, along with rejections and denials. And guess what? You can still choose to shine.

I hope that whenever you face setbacks, you find new strategies and new ways to move forward. Pick yourself up and keep trying until things work out. Persistence pays off, and you’ll be so glad you didn’t give up on yourself when things begin coming together for you.

I hope you go back to school and get that college degree people in your life have told you it’s too late to get. You can still obtain the degree you want, even if you take one class at a time to get there.

I hope that you keep applying to the schools you want to attend, even if you feel as if you are reaching beyond what you thought was possible. You just may get the yes you’ve been waiting for. Take the risk and apply anyway.

I hope that if and when you face rejections or hear the word no, you still hold onto your shine and let hearing no push you until you get the yes you’ve been waiting for.

I hope that you keep searching and submitting applications for career opportunities you’re not entirely qualified for. You might be surprised what doors open up for you simply because you took a risk and dared to apply.

And I hope you keep praying and asking God for your heart’s desires. He can still come through for you. Even with things you may have given up on or doubted that He can still do in your life. I hope you prove every single person in your life wrong who has ever told you what you can’t do. I’ve learned that there is no satisfaction quite like proving someone wrong who told me what I wouldn’t have, what I couldn’t do, or what I would have a hard time accomplishing. Proving naysayers wrong is one of the best feelings in the world and shining in the process is the cherry on top. I hope that this year will be the year you shine like never before. I hope that your glow up is so contagious it inspires and encourages others. Shine on.

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