It Takes Courage To Share Your Truth

I believe that Oprah’s prime time interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be one that won’t be forgotten. It was filled with some shocking and heartbreaking revelations as both Meghan and Harry shared their hearts and experiences as former working royals who not only dared to come forward with their truth but also found freedom as they transitioned to a new home and new life.

As I watched the interview and listened to Meghan share what life was like for her behind closed doors, it was hard holding back tears as she revealed her mental health struggles and how she was advised to remain silent when she wanted to speak. It was devastating to see how she was attacked in the tabloids and by the media for allegedly causing problems that were untruthful. It was crushing to learn that she was denied help during times when she reached out and asked for help from those who told her she’d be protected and failed to keep their word. And it was saddening to discover she felt so alone as her character was constantly attacked, to the point that she contemplated suicide. How horrible and so very cruel it must have been to move through those kinds of storms. Behind the glamorous photos, fairy tale wedding, and marrying her prince charming was an entirely different story that many of us never knew about.

Then there’s Prince Harry. Meghan’s supportive and incredible husband, who has continually stood by her side and done everything possible to protect his wife and their son, Archie, as they’ve moved forward to begin a new chapter. Watching Harry speak of the racism his wife endured, painful conversations with other members of the royal family, and the lack of support and empathy, as well as how he felt trapped within his own family, was a lot to take in. And still, these beautiful, bold, and courageous souls dared to share their truth. And for this, I applaud them. They’ve opened the door for others to do the same. They’ve given a voice to those who may have felt voiceless and have been too scared to speak up. They’ve shown us how to walk away from situations that are not safe. They’ve challenged an institution and outdated traditions. They’ve created a new life for themselves. And they’ve managed to do so with a level of class, grace, and vulnerability that’s rare these days.

It takes courage to share your truth.

It takes courage to ask for help.

It takes courage to start over and dare to have a new beginning.

It takes courage to choose freedom.

And it takes courage to use your voice, especially when you’ve been silent.

When Oprah asked Meghan if she was afraid of any backlash surrounding what she shared during the interview, Meghan replied, “I’m not going to live my life in fear.” And I couldn’t agree more.

Well said, Meghan. Well said.

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