Life Lessons From The Remarkable Rob Brooks

Rob Brooks is the long-lost best friend and sister I never knew I needed. She’s amazing. And she’s the kind of beautiful and creative soul this world could use more of. Especially in the land of film and television. On Hulu’s High Fidelity, Rob (Zoe Kravitz) questions her self-awareness, reflects on her life choices, breakups and makeups, and remains unapologetically dope and oozes all kinds of cool as a record store owner, working, living, and dating in New York.

She’s got complicated insights about herself and life happening to her. And all around her. She’s edgy yet sensitive. She also has cool friends. An even cooler job. And she knows her stuff when it comes to records and choosing great quality music.

She’s remarkable and she’s real.

I love shows with strong, smart, and funny women who are real. Because it’s not something you always see too often these days. A lot of people like to pretend they have it all together when they don’t. Rob has a rawness to her that’s empathetic, engaging, and relatable. How many of us, especially young women, have gone through our own “Top Five” lists that could consist of anything from different guys we’ve dated…and may have social media creeped on to see what they’ve been up to after things ended and we each parted ways? What about different songs we’ll never forget – especially ones we put on when we’re in a total mood? How about our top five favorite films? Or coffee shops? Or nostalgic television shows that we still can’t get enough of? Rob likes who and what she likes and doesn’t apologize or feel ashamed about it.

Rob shows us that you can be the kind of girl who wants to stay in for the night or you can be the type who goes out. Or consider doing both, depending on how you’re feeling. You can try to figure out what went wrong in your previous relationships, assess what it is you may have been doing wrong at different points, and then start working on yourself so you don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again. You can put yourself out there. And be your most authentic self while you do it. You can take chances. Move through your insecurities and fears, and still have a lot of fun along the way.

How remarkable is that?

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