You’re Not Stuck, You Just Aren’t Paying Attention To Your Options

What if I told you that you don’t have to remain stuck in anything you no longer want to be stuck or feel discontented in anymore?

This is me telling you that you don’t—unless, of course, you want to. Know why?

Because you have options, even if you don’t know it yet.

You don’t have to stay in a relationship that’s not working anymore, that may be breaking your heart and wounding you in places not easily visible to others.

You can cut ties, move on, heal, and go out and meet cool and fascinating people who’ll make your heart leap in the best kinds of ways. People who will appreciate and respect you.

You don’t have to stay in friendships that have gone way beyond their expiration date, even when you’ve been clinging to some of those friendships out of convenience and familiarity.

You can go out and make new friends who will be a great fit for you for wherever you may be in your life right now.

You don’t have to stay in a job you don’t like or dread waking up on Monday mornings to go into what feels like another soul sucking day of doing something that you’re not passionate about or getting you any closer to your goals.

While you’re in your workspace, you can start getting strategic about looking for new employment and hopefully pursuing opportunities that align with your goals, dreams, and heart’s desires.

You no longer have to be around family members who make you uncomfortable, who constantly criticize you, try to limit you, or discourage you from being who you really are.

You can distance yourself from them, spend time with family members it’s healthy to be around, and think about how you’d like your own family unit to be someday when it comes time to start one.

I know you might think you’re stuck, but you’re not. Your limitation might be you. You’ve got more options than you think, so it’s about time you start exploring them.

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