The Best Girls Always Prioritize Their Friendships

Failing to prioritize and maintain relationships with your girlfriends may cost you lost time you can never get back. While dating and having a serious relationship seems nice, it’s important to have a nice balance between spending time with your guy and making time for your friends.

Hulu’s Dollface is a great example of this.

Dollface tells the story of a woman named Jules (Kat Dennings) who after being dumped by her boyfriend of five years, finds herself navigating the world of singleness and trying to reconnect with friends she left behind once she got into a relationship. Watching her take this journey was funny, fun, and interesting. And a reminder of the importance of prioritizing female friendships.

Once Jules connected with her old friends (Shay Mitchell, Brenda Song) which did not come easy at first, as her friends were not completely welcoming after being neglected during the five years Jules was in a relationship, her quality of life seemed to improve and her emotional well-being following her breakup was a time for growth, new experiences, moving into her own place, finding her voice in the workplace after a pep talk from one of her friends, Sunday brunching, nights out with her friends, making new friends, and reexamining who she was becoming now that she was making her friendships a priority.

So many women in relationships do this all the time, and as a friend who’s been on the receiving end of being friends with friends who have made their boyfriends, situationships, and relationships the center of their universe, I’ve definitely felt some type of way when those same friends have ghosted, blew off our plans for their guy, and some who have even been bold enough to send snippy texts or DMs, or voicemails whenever I didn’t make myself readily available whenever they just wanted or needed something. I believe you can have a relationship and maintain your friendships, though. At least the ones that matter to you.

Regardless, prioritizing female friendships is important for all women. Sure, you can do things alone or with your guy, but there’s nothing like knowing and having different girlfriends you can go out with, talk to, confide in and trust when things get rough, laugh with when something is really funny, cry with when things get heavy, and make new memories with while balancing everything else you’ve got going on.

As life changes and you and your friends get in different relationships, things will definitely change, but if you value something, especially your friendships, you need to make time for them, or you’ll lose them. And if the guy you’re with walks away or something terrible happens or your relationship falls apart, who’s going to be there for you? I sure hope you have some female friends available and that they don’t just hear from you when a breakup happens, or when you’re getting engaged or married, or in need of a bridesmaid you haven’t consistently been in touch with for months or years, or just reaching out because you’re lonely.

Good girlfriends prioritize their friendships.

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