Life Doesn’t Owe You Anything

Life’s not fair. Sometimes bad, cruel, and super unfair things happen to really good people. And if you fall under the category of “good people” I totally understand how you feel. You are not alone. There are still plenty of good people in this world that continue to endure some sad, rough, and unfair things. Accept that you’re going to get hurt sometimes. Disappointed. Rejected. Cope with a broken heart. Lose friends you thought you’d have for life. Lose loved ones. Significant others. Maybe jobs, money, opportunities and more, and guess what? You can recover and you will if you decide to, and you’ll be okay too if you just remember one of the most important things life will teach you:

Life doesn’t owe you anything.

That may be hard to take and process for some. But those who understand this might learn this lesson sooner than later. You have to keep moving because life keeps moving. You can recover from losses, a broken heart, and rejections. You can still make it through what life throws at you and decide to change your story. Did you know you had that much power up underneath all the challenges and disappointments and painful things you’ve been through?

Well, you do.

So wipe away your tears. Stop complaining. Quit wallowing in self-doubt and hiding out in the darkness. Let this be the day you resign from being a member of the self-pity committee. And please stop being unkind to yourself and to those around you. Some of the people who’ve let you down or harmed you or hurt you may be at fault but don’t give them any of your power. Heal and grow and love. Because you’re going to get through whatever it is you may have been through, and whatever else you may be going through right now.

Make no mistake, your feelings about what you’ve been through and might be going through are valid. And you have a right to feel how you’d like. Angry. Sad. Hurt. Maybe even disappointed, but please don’t stay there. Don’t be that person that blames any and everyone else for why things in your life aren’t fair, or falling apart, or why you can’t keep it together. Don’t give away your power. Take responsibility for yourself and your actions. Everything is not your fault but taking responsibility for yourself, your actions, and your decisions are choices.

Because life still doesn’t owe you anything.

Learn to take the bitter with the sweet. Because that’s the way life goes. There’s good and bad. And highs and lows, and definitely plenty of cheap shots and unfair and painful blows. But you can rewrite a new story from where you’re at. And you can do that right now if you decide to. You are responsible for you. Embrace your power. Change your perspective. Adopt a new mindset. And fall in love with rewriting a new story starring the new and improved you. Because you, you powerful, incredible, beautiful, and amazingly remarkable human being, full of hopes, dreams, purpose, and something this world needs more of, can change your story.

Because life still doesn’t owe you anything. And you owe it to yourself to show life who’s boss.

What are you waiting for?

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