Why Men Need Feminism

Charlotte Cooper
Charlotte Cooper

Did you know that it was a Feminist group that campaigned to change the definition of rape to include men?

Yup, that was the Feminist Majority Foundation who successfully campaigned to change the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report to define rape as any act of forced penetration against a woman OR a man.

And did you know it was prominent feminist activist, Lovisa Stannow, who prompted the Prison Rape Elimination act?

How about the fact that feminist groups campaign for and support equal paternity leave?

Feminism is all about equality which means we all win.

In regard to gender roles:

Women are not the only ones oppressed by traditional gender roles, and that is why feminists fight to destroy them to not only benefit women, but men as well.

Men should be as free as woen to express their feelings and emotions and to dress and act according to how they define themselves and not by how societal norms dictate.

Moreover, fields of work that have been traditionally reserved for woman, on the notion that women are more nurturing, such as teaching or nursing, have now opened up for men to pursue. This is largely due to feminist campaigns that fight traditional gender roles.

In regard to economics:

The quickest and easiest way to lift a country out of poverty is to empower women. When women enter the workforce the whole family unit is empowered and freed from economic oppression. So it goes without saying that this benefits the men in society as well as the women.

When a woman is able to take care of her whole family, it relieves the economic pressure from men who may suffer from physical or emotional barriers to full time employment.

Additionally, a workforce that is completely open for women to enter, allows men the choice to stay home with their kids if they so choose (don’t forget, Feminist groups SUPPORT the equal implementation of parental leave!)

Empowering women economically empowers the whole society, including men!

In regard to sex:

Although Feminists have fought for many things, the Feminist movement might be known most for the sexual revolution, allowing women to fully embrace their sexuality without stigmatization or alienation from the larger community.

This sexual revolution for women has greatly affected men as well! Men are no longer confined to sexual satisfaction through marital relations. They are as free as women to choose how they want to lead their sexual lives, and still have equal opportunity access to the sexual playing field.

To sum it all up, Feminism is about equality, naturally both men AND women benefit. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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